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Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter


Cheese Louise appeared in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter, hovering in the air, after Player was ejected. He fell into Veteran’s sky car as he was going into the restaurant. Rose and BDay also are seen in their sky car going into the restaurant. It has a Grand Opening sign, orange letters, and the C in Cheese is made of cheese. According to Veteran, the restaurant just opened that day. Him and Player drive up to the speaker, where Mr. Cheese asks for their order. Veteran has a big order, all having to do with cheese. They drive up to the window, where Mr. Cheese gives Veteran his food in a bag that has the restaurant’s logo on it. Mr. Cheese then asks Player if he wants any food, but Player says that he can’t eat cheese, due to being lactose intolerant. Player also remarks that the restaurant is a health code violation, as the food is cooked by a dog.

Later in the video, Mr. Egg was shown with a pile of burgers that he had just made. The burgers were to be the main course in his restaurant, which was planned to rival Cheese Louise until Mr. Egg’s restaurant was the most popular. However, Veteran ate all the burgers and killed Mr. Egg, so it’s unknown if Mr. Egg is still plotting this revenge.


  • Mr. Cheese: Waiter, owner, order-taker, cashier, head chef.
  • Cheddar: Assistant chef, attraction.


  • It is known that Player was lying about being lactose intolerant to not have Mr. Cheese’s food, because as an Easter egg, the mini version of Player is eating pizza in Among Us Logic: Daycare.
  • This could mean Cheddar is Mr. Cheese’s pet again.
  • This is the second time Mr. Cheese was a chef. His first time was in Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival.
  • After Player says "What The?", all the sky cars are having a honking symphony. This is more likely to censor Player's word as there might be young audiences.
  • Cheese Louise is more likely a reference/shout out to Jeez Louise, an English phrase.