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Not to worry, Player. Where we're going, we don't need visors to see.
— Dr. Doktor,revealing that he's working with Novisor in Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor


Dr. Doktor is the secondary protagonist of the Novisor storyline. He made his debut in Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor. As Aiden's father, he sacrificed his visor as part of an agreement between him and Novisor, hoping to save Aiden in the process. Despite the fact that he worked with his master, in the end he decided to betray him. He first appears in Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor. He walks into Ninja’s Dojo, after Ninja has received Player’s desperate call for help. He startles Ninja, who instinctively pulls out his katana. Dr. Doktor, in a calming voice, says there’s no need to fight, and he’s there to help. He then states he’s Ninja’s only hope in saving his friends. Then, he and Ninja discuss Novisor’s true origins. As it turns out, the Novisor curse has been in Among Us since the very beginning. We find out that Novisor intends on using Player as his new vessel, and if they don’t protect Player, Novisor will possess him and wreak havoc in Among Us.

Dr. Doktor and Ninja get on to The Airship, where Player and Captain are being suspended upside down via black goo. When Player sees them, he says: “Ninja! And some British guy! We’re saved!” Ninja cuts them loose, and Dr. Doktor introduces himself to the both of them. However, Captain stupidly doesn’t get that Dr. Doktor is Dr. Doktor’s name, which highly infuriates the Doctor. Dr. explains the situation to Player, who has a hard time believing it because he thinks he is a loser. Dr. comforts him, and says he’s not a loser, but the chosen one. Suddenly, No-Visors come through the door. The team runs toward the front of the ship, Ninja fending the ghosts off with his sword along the way. Once they make it to the front of the ship, Dr. Doktor grabs the steering wheel. Player asks where they go now, and Dr. Doktor replies that they are right where they need to be. A giant portal form of Novisor appears in front of the ship, and Player screams at Dr. Doktor to steer away from the portal. When Dr. doesn’t comply, Player asks what’s wrong with him, and if he can see the portal. Dr. Doktor replies with: “Not to worry, Player. Where we’re going, we won’t need visors”. He then takes off his mask, and uncovers a hole where his visor should be. He reveals that he’s actually a No-Visor. He accelerates the ship forward, and the portal swallows them up.

Later, in Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter, it turns out that Dr. Doktor was Aiden's father, he somehow knew the game and Aiden's disappearance was connected, he began to research them both. He was taken to the Skeld, he searched for a bargain, he then agreed with Novisor to use him as his vessel, in exchange with Aiden's return, he trys to sacrifice Player, but as he's about to kill Player, he knew it wasn't wat Aiden wanted and he then betrays Novisor by killing Duncan. He is then shoved by Novisor into a rock, seemingly killing him. As Novisor later prepares to kill Player, Dr. Doktor cuts off Novisor’s arm with Ninja’s sword, allowing Player to kill him.



Dr. Doktor is Aiden’s father and tried to sacrifice Player.



Novisor took Dr. Doktor's son, and Dr. Doktor betrayed Novisor.


Character Episode Place of death
Two individual cultists (out of six) Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter Novisor's Realm


  1. Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter; had the visor stripped off by Novisor (flashback only).


  • He wears a Plague Doctor Mask that he uses to hide the fact that he lacks a visor.
  • Despite the fact that his name is Dr. Doktor, his mother wanted him to be a lawyer.
  • Dr. Doktor has a British accent.
  • Dr. Doktor's appearance under his mask seems to look very similar to the dead crewmates without their visors. Like TheGentleman, in episode 21, and Baggy and Blondie earlier in the episode.
  • He is the father of Aiden.
  • Dr. Doktor is the only character whose name "Doktor" is originated from Malay in Among Us Logic.


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