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The Drive-In movie theatre is a place that Duncan and Novisor use to lure crewmates in for Novisor.


The first time we see this movie theatre is in Among Us: The Curse of NoVisor. Baggy and his best friend, Blondie, are driving in their car to the theatre the watch the movie, The Curse of No-Visor. Baggy is very nervous, because he wants to confess how he feels toward Blondie. As they drive up to the ticket booth, Duncan, who is running the ticket booth, startles Baggy with a loud “Greetings!” He then apologizes for startling him, to which Baggy says that he didn’t startle him. Then, he states that nothing scares him. Duncan remarks that if that’s true, then they’ll love the movie. He says that it’ll scare them half to death, and some people aren’t cool enough to watch it. Baggy, taking the bait, asks for two tickets. Duncan says: “Enjoy the film!” Then he laughs his evil laugh, to which Baggy and Blondie give each other weird looks. They drive up to the screen, and start watching the film. Unfortunately, the movie was made when there wasn’t even any color film, and the effects and plot are very cheesy. Baggy, disappointed, wonders why Duncan said that the movie would scare them. Then, the movie clicks off. The duo is confused, and asks what happened. Then, Novisor kills them both.