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I guess being a psychotic murderer just comes naturally to me!



Dum is Player's sister who won her first game as an Impostor with the assistance of Captain, which resulted in Player having a mental breakdown and him "losing" his 19th match. During the Dragon Mod she betrayed Player by shooting an arrow through his head, since she was the "Dumposter". She then decided to take care of Franklin and Timmy in Among Us Logic: Daycare when Mother was gone, and was getting bullied by them later on.



Captain helped Dum to win as an Impostor. They started dating when they killed TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese, and you can hear Captain say 'Babe’ when Player had a mental breakdown. In the episode description, it says, ‘Player’s sister is in town, and starts dating Captain’. It is also confirmed that they are dating in episode 22. In GameToons Gaming (Among Us Adventures), they get sad when the other dies, because Dum loves Captain for some reason as he does her.



Player is Dum's brother. He had a mental breakdown after he is told by Dum (aka Jessica) that she won her first game with Captain. In the 22nd episode, they were not on good terms as siblings.


Her and Captain are the reason why she was voted off in Hacking Security Cams, but in Among Us Logic: Daycare Mother had her take care of her children and gave her a slice of cheese pizza when she was mini.


All Crewmates in Hacking Security Cams!

Dum (and Captain) were Impostors together and used various weapons such as knives, guns, impostor tongue, and reactor sabotage, probably where Player got an extremely big mental breakdown, which made him nearly scream.


Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!

She was an Impostor with Captain, who showed her how to play. They went on a killing spree together, and eventually end up dating, which Player isn’t thrilled about.

Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod

She was dressed as a princess and trapped in the dropship. Once she was saved, she murdered Player and revealed that she was the impostor the entire time.

Among Us Logic: Daycare

She was babysitting Timmy and Franklin, and was also turned into a baby.

Among Us Logic: The God Imposter

She was playing Among Us as a giant on Skeld fighting. She was doing the same when Player spawned on the Airship but Player turned her into a baby.

Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...


Character Episode Place of death
Mr. Cheese Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams The Skeld, Medbay
Gnome The Skeld, Weapons
Veteran The Skeld, Reactor
Player Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod Polus, Dropship


  1. Among Us Logic: Daycare; Killed by Timmy (cause of death unknown).
  2. Among Us Logic: The God Imposter; Incinerated in an engine furnace, along with Stoner.
  3. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Killed by Stoner (cause of death unknown).


  • Dum's real name is Jessica but everyone just calls her Dum because her real name is "too hard to pronounce", so she says at least.
  • She is pink, with a yellow sticky note written Dum, hence her name.
  • Despite being in college, Dum has a voice more matching a kid.
  • She, apparently, will get a goldfish, “or whatever”, as a pet.
  • She’s the only character to have her real name revealed in her debut episode, besides Aiden and Duncan who are only ever referred to by their real names.
  • Her relationship with Captain is somewhat controversial.
  • Dum is seen drinking from the medbay sample task in Hacking Security Cams!, which isn’t actually possible in Among Us.
  • Dum is the second pink character to call Mr. Cheese dumb, the first being Goober.
  • In FNFL, Player's sister was Big Sister from FNF mod, so Player have 2 sisters, but this is not confirmed.


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