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Oh, great and powerful Dark One, we call upon you, your next vessel awaits!



Duncan is a secondary antagonist in the Novisor storyline, separate to the original storyline of the series. He has made his appearance in Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor and Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor. He is an elderly technician who created a corrupted version of Among Us programmed inside his laptop. As a loyal servant of Novisor, he will do anything to fulfill his master's wishes.



He works for Novisor and helps him lure unsuspecting victims into the Drive-In Movie Theater so Novisor can kill them.

Novisor's Cultists

He walks out of the portal with them. They also performed the Novisor ritual.



He gave Aiden the computer that would trap him inside the game forever.


Duncan lured Baggy into watching the movie so Novisor could kill him.


Duncan lured Blondie into watching the movie so Novisor could kill her.

Dr. Doctor

He was betrayed by Dr. Doctor when he was about to kill Player.


Duncan tried to get Dr. Doctor to kill Player to perform the ritual.


Duncan trapped Captain so he could kill him after killing Player.


Duncan trapped Ninja so he could kill him after killing Player.


Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor

Veteran and Player are talking to each other about Novisor’s origins, and this is when we hear about the story of Aiden. This is also before we learn about the true origin of Novisor.

Novisor used to be a college student named Aiden. He needed a computer for schoolwork, so he went to look for a computer at the Flea Market, where he sees a computer at Duncan’s stand. He thought it looked like it couldn’t do anything until Duncan said it was custom, which had, according to him, the latest technology in gaming. He demonstrated by pulling up Among Us, but with a more violent and scary look, which he said that Aiden should play. Duncan then gave it to Aiden as a gift, but clearly knew what would happen to Aiden when he laughed wickedly as he walked away.

Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor

In this episode, he is first shown at the ticket booth at the Drive-In Movie Theater. He and Novisor use this place to lure in victims to kill. How it works is Duncan waits at the ticket booth, and baits people with the excitement of a scary horror movie. Once the people go in, instead of watching a horror movie, they get killed by Novisor. Duncan does this with Baggy and Blondie. Once Novisor is done killing, he cleans up the bodies. In this episode, after he’s done cleaning up the bodies, he asks Novisor if he did good. Then, Novisor started glowing red, signifying that someone was summoning him. Once Duncan realized this, he laughed evilly with delight and exclaimed that the end was near.

Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter

Duncan appears in this episode once Player, Captain, Ninja, and Dr. Doctor are present in Novisor’s land. A portal appears, and Duncan and some hooded figures step out of it. The hooded figures restrain Player, Captain, and Ninja, and Duncan summons Novisor out of a crack in the ground. Dr. Doctor is given a red knife, and Novisor orders him to kill Player. But Dr. Doctor hesitates once Player says that he doesn’t have to do it. Duncan, seeing him hesitate, tells Dr. Doctor that Novisor gave him an order. Dr. Doctor turns back to Player, holds up his knife, and says: “For Aiden.” He brings the knife down toward Player, but at the last second, he turns to the right and stabs the knife at Duncan instead. The knife stabbed into Duncan’s visor, cracking it. He screamed, then finally died.


  1. Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter; Stabbed in the visor with the Red Knife by Dr. Doktor.


  • His full name is Duncan Swearinger Cortez O'Barclay Gottenheimer. However, it is unknown if this is his real name or a name he made up to trick Aiden.
  • He was raised by a polyamorous quadruple, this also explains the reason why he has four surnames.
  • It is possible that he may have the original Novisor, but his glitched game creates the curse of Novisor, so it is likely that he wasn't.
  • He is in possession of a skull and an odd vile of plasma, hinting that he may be some type of deranged wizard or mad scientist, playing with the fabric of reality.
  • In the Gametoons Clips video "the end is upon us" Duncan's whistling is a different tune from the whistle in the actual video, The Curse of No-Visor.
  • When he was cleaning the bodies in The Curse of Novisor, he was whistling the Novisor song from GameTunes.
  • Duncan is likely irrevivable.