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According to my calculations, there's a 12.5% probability it's TheGentleman.

— Engineer, replying to Captain's question in AUL 3.


Engineer is a recurring character in Among Us Logic. He is incredibly smart and nerdy. In Episode 3, Engineer was the only one who listened to Player and voted for TheGentleman and Mr. Egg, but Poopyfarts96 and Captain had him ejected for it. In Episode 5, he comes to an agreement with Captain over 3 impostors even though he is not it. Gnome dates and loves him at a meeting when they throw out Stoner. Stoner didn't like the way Engineer and Gnome were flirting, so he told everyone to vote him out, and he got ejected. Engineer was only also seen in Episode 8, mourning the loss of Veteran. When TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese accused Player and Mr. Egg, Mr. Egg blamed TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese. Engineer believed Mr. Egg until Player nervously proposed to vote out TheGentleman. Then he said, "You see, now I think it's Player. I was totally on board when Mr. Egg said it, but with you, it just seems way fishier”.



Gnome and Engineer started dating in Among Us Logic 5. Gnome clearly loves Engineer very much.


Veteran, Gnome and Engineer go Frolfing (Frisbee-golfing) on the weekends, and somewhat considers him a brother.



Stoner is not a fan of romance and finds his relationship with Gnome gross. Thus, he votes himself out so he doesn't have to hear their "lovey-dovey crap". Stoner also killed him in Among Us Logic: But The Impostor Can Change Colors.


Him and Captain used to be allies, as Captain relied on him for statistics, but Captain later voted him out for no apparent reason. He also killed Engineer in Hacking Security Cams with Dum’s needle tongue by shoving him into it.


She killed him and Gnome in Hacking Security Cams.



Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 3 Accused by PoopyFarts96 of being the impostor.


Character Episode Place of death
Gnome Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague Polus, Communications


  1. Among Us Logic 7; (cause of death unknown, specific killer not given)
  2. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! (prologue match); Dead, unknown if killed or ejected.
  3. Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!; Impaled with Impostor tongue by Dum.
  4. Among Us Logic: Jailbreak; Skewered with a pencil by Gnome.
  5. Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter...; Killed by Mr. Cheese (cause of death unknown).
  6. Among Us Logic: Daycare; Killed by Timmy (cause of death unknown).
  7. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Shot with a pistol by Player (as Sheriff).



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