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Friday Night Funkin' vs. Among Us is the first GameTunes song that has no lyrics, and it's about Among Us and Friday Night Funkin' having a Friday Night Funkin' Beatbox Battle with the game Among Us to see which game is better.


  • This is the first song released by GameTunes to have no lyrics technically.
  • You can see all the Among Us Logic main characters and their Friday Night Funkin counterparts:
  • You can briefly Veteran and Pico fighting, which then moves on to see TheGentleman punching Daddy Dearest in the face.
  • Timmy and Franklin are seen along with Mother in the music video, which implies that Engineer must have turned them back to normal after the episode, or the ray only lasts for a short while, or even the episode might not apply.
  • It is unknown which game won in the end.
  • The background on the Among Us side is Mira HQ's Launchpad with graffiti sprayed on it, most likely due to it being Friday Night Funkin-style battle.