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This was and should be pretty clear on this wiki, we don't want or need hate. First of all, stop the hate (especially on FNFL). Most of the people in this wiki don't like FNFL, but enough is enough. We get people have opinions but don't take them too far; respect others. Try to make this wiki more positive and simply move past FNF (wasting time by ranting on it at least).

We also want to make it clear that insulting is never okay. It doesn't matter who you are doing it to or even talk about them. Don't be a violator to combat violators. Don't feed the trolls or give them attention (that's what they want). And don't think yours actions outside this wiki won't affect you inside this wiki.

We want a safe and fun place; it's wiser to move past the past. You are responsible for your actions. Furthermore, being engaged and condoning anything like communities, wikis, or actions built on hate (such as AUL Adventures itself or vandalizing the Paw Patrol Wiki) will not be tolerated.

Make sure to read our Wiki Policies carefully, especially if you haven't. Have a great day!


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GameToons is the main channel where they post Game Cartoon Parodies. They also have a second channel called GameTunes, which makes songs that are related to content on GameToons. GameToons is run by a company known as NewScape Studios. For more information please check Wikitubia.

Cartoon Parodies

Done means the series is already cancelled, coming back means the series comes back after long absense, discontinued means the series finished, but changed to other animation that have same topic like this series, and currently means the series that was now published by GameToons.


  1. Fall Guys Logic (Done)
  2. Among Us Logic (Done)
  3. Minecraft Logic (Come Back Currently)
  4. Friday Night Funkin' Logic (Done)
  5. Squid Game Logic (Done)
  6. Poppy Playtime Logic (Currently)
  7. FNAF: Security Breach Logic (Possible Currently)
  8. The Backrooms Logic (Possibly Currently)
  9. Talking Ben Logic (Currently)


These are parodys that only got one episode.

  1. Henry Stickmin Logic
  2. Logic
  3. Roblox Logic
  4. Five Nights at Freddy's Logic
  5. Undertale Logic
  6. Pico Park Logic
  7. Cookie Run Kingdom Logic
  8. The Ants: Underground Kingdom Logic
  9. Encanto Logic


  • It is owned by NewScape Studios.
  • GameToons was rated mature content and unsettling channel because of FNF being mature and unsettling, and GameToons made FNFL.
  • The first series they made was Fall Guys Series (which got cancelled presumably due to Fall Guys' fall in popularity).
  • The first episode of GameToons's newest series (Minecraft Logic) got privated presumably due to the back lash it got and people thinking that Among Us Logic was cancelled.
  • GameToons has 4 sister channels: GameTunes, GameToons Español, GameToons Clips And GameToons Gaming.
  • The most popular series in GameToons were Among Us Logic and Friday Night Funkin' Logic.
  • GameToons got a strike from Tenzubushi, the musician of Tabi mod for a day, because of that, GameToons removed Genocide animation from the Tabi episode and the contreversy has been ended.
  • GameToons got a free access from Holy Matrimony mod, so that's why Anime Demon GF exists in the Demon GF episode.
  • Friday Night Funkin' Logic is one of the series that was hated from some of the community.
    • In Twitter, GameToons says that they made FNFL because the views were multiplied then AUL and they need to pay money for animators, so that's the reason why FNFL was uploaded 6-7 videos per month, while AUL was uploaded 1 episode per month now.
  • GameToons's most popular video was Among Us Logic 2. The least popular video was Ants Logic video.