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GameTunes is the sister channel to GameToons. It posts Parody songs about Among Us Logic and the game in general. It was created on October 19, 2020 and posted its first video on October 25.


Among Us Logic Songs

Friday Night Funkin' Logic Songs

  • Friday Night Funkin' VS Among Us
  • Sky VS Girlfriend
  • Whitty VS Carol
  • The Life of Girlfriend
  • High School Conflict BETADCIU
  • Sarvente VS Ruv (Got interrupted by Selever in 3rd round)
  • Monika VS Senpai
  • The Life of Sky
  • South BETADCIU
  • Crucify BETADCIU
  • The Life of Whitty
  • The Life of Boyfriend
  • The Life of Garcello
  • Behind Bleeding Eyes, FNFL song about Sonic.exe
  • Attack BETADCIU
  • FNF Rap Battle, the mix of all VS. songs, like: Sky VS Girlfriend, Whitty VS Carol, Sarvente VS Ruv and Monika VS Senpai.
  • The Life of Taki

Miscellanous Songs

  • Behind the Mask, Minecraft Logic song about Dream.
  • Red Light, Green Light. Squid Game Logic song.


  • Songs to Play Among Us To, Among Us Logic songs
  • FNF Rap Battle, FNFL songs



  • GameTunes has 600k subscribers (as 2021.)
  • Mr. Cheese advertised it in episode 7, and Gnome (as the Grinch) encouraged viewers to visit in episode 11.
  • The logo for the channel is the GameToons initials in orange and white, with pink music notes on a blue striped background. The original GameToons logo is "GT" in blue and white with a pink outline, on top of a striped green background.
  • Now GameTunes was focusing on FNF songs instead of AU songs, but Foodieti, the musician of Crucify, didn't want everyone to steal their covers, and GameTunes used Crucify BETADCIU.
  • GameTunes added Sky as one of the characters in many covers, while the real mod got deleted because of contreversy and 13+ fanarts.
  • These were the songs that GameTunes added as BETADCIU covers, if you didn't understand where did you can find the song:
    • High School Conflict for first song in Monika Full Week.
    • South for second song in Week 2 in real FNF.
    • Crucify for fourth song in Week 2 in Friday Night Fever.
    • Attack for third song in VS. Selever. (There was a joke song that was Attacklovania, it was a song that was a combination of Megalovania theme song and Attack)
  • GameTunes most popular video was The Life of Mr. Cheese. The least popular video was High School Conflict BETADCIU, their first FNF BETADCIU.