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Nothing is impossible.


The God of Among Us, or known more as Innersloth, is a supporting protagonist who made his personal debut in Among Us Logic: The God Imposter. He is the sole creator and protector of the Among Us macrocosm. Unknown to Player, the god has been watching him ever since. He exists freely and does not play matches with the other characters in the lobby.


He is depicted as a giant, three-headed sloth attached to his back a pair of golden angel wings that radiate light. The left head is seen smiling, the middle shows a solemn expression, and the right is seen frowning. All three heads have their eyes closed. Since he is a sloth, he moves slowly. As slow as he moves, so does on how he speaks, in a deep and heavy voice, pausing for a moment every time he says a word.


He is a righteous and a high-minded character. The creation of the Cheater's Lobby is one clear proof that he has a hatred for those who use unacceptable ways to their own advantage. Even with his detestation for wrongdoers, he likes to give them a second chance to change themselves to the right path. He would give others a lesson if they do wrong on him. As a guardian, he will not allow anything that would harm the world he tries to protect.


Pre-debut mentions

He is first mentioned in Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby when Player renounced his first cheated win he got the episode before. During the first and last emergency meeting in the episode, SirClogsworth tells Player to apologize to the god to return back to the normal lobby. Giving Player a second chance, the god accepted his apology and sends Player back to the lobby he was kicked out from.

Mother mentions him for the second time in Among Us Logic: The King Imposter as she tells her desire to complain about her children's safety concern, believing to Player's cover-up that the Skeld, where the both of them were at, is an unsafe working environment.

He was mentioned for the third time for the third time in Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor by Veteran, which gives the idea that the god and Novisor already had a conflict with each other. However, this is not yet proven.

Among Us Logic: The God Imposter
After saying that Player getting his first win is "statistically impossible", the god appeared to him personally out of nowhere in space, disagreeing with his statement. The god introduces himself to Player and offered him to help. Player then asks how is he gonna help him (help him win in this case). The god answers, saying that he will give Player a mod, like the rest of them back in the lobby he was voted out of. The god reaches his hand to Player but slowly. Player grew impatient and went to the hand to touch it. When the hand went in contact with Player, his entire body shone light, giving him the god's extraordinary powers. The god tells him to use the power for good, but before he could finish the sentence, Player decides that he return to the lobby, forgetting what the god had said to him before leaving for himself.


Player demonstrates these powers shared to him by the god, rather than doing it by the god himself.

  • Phase change: This is the only power that the god himself demonstrated. He can disappear out of sight and materialize whenever he wants to.
  • Flight: Being winged, the god can fly.
  • Teleportation: With a snap of a finger, Player suddenly teleported back inside the Airship.
  • Midas touch: Player can turn anything he touches into gold.
  • Shrinkage: While a sudden burst of light came into contact with Dum and Stoner, Dum turned into a mini crewmate while Stoner became a brainslug.
  • Thermography: With his heat vision, people can be easily visible against the environment, even with another object blocking them. Not only that he sees the target, but he can also hear them.
  • Pyrokinesis: Player can create and manipulate fire.
  • Manipulation: Player made BDay and Rose his servants with a snap of a finger, following whatever Player commands them to do.
  • Object materialization: Player instantly created two ray guns that shoots projections that when came in contact, the target also transforms the target to gold.
  • Surroundings change: In Player's presence, the Airship was turned into a devotion room. The portraits in the Hall of Portraits were replaced with Player's, and even Player's golden statue was seen in place of the big ruby in Vault.
  • Transmutation: He replaced BDay's balloon and Rose's flower hat into his beanie instead.



Player (formerly)

Innersloth wanted to help him by giving Player his powers at one condition, to make Player win the game by helping the crewmates to win. But instead of helping the crew, Player killed all of them.

Veteran (possibly)

Unknown to Veteran, the god possibly had given him the ability to kill, since Player has violated the god's agreement of using his powers for good.


  • He along with Buzz Aldrin are the only characters who personally appear once and giving advice to a selected character in private.
  • He and Novisor are the most powerful characters in the series and are the only ones that have multiple powers.
  • His appearance is based on Innersloth's logo, and the three heads references the developers of Among Us in real life, and his three heads represent the number of members that Innersloth had when Among Us got popular.
  • He is the only character to have been mentioned before his personal debut episode.