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Ha-ha! Mr. Cheese dumb.
— Goober, Among Us Logic 2


Goober is a side character in Among Us Logic. Her first appearance was in Among Us Logic 2. She also notably appears in "The Life of Mr Cheese", a song on Gametoons' alternate channel. She is not very intelligent and is way too eager to vote out other characters. She usually fulfills the role of a “random” -- that is, a dim-witted Among Us player who votes out other players based on flimsy evidence or none at all. It's not clear if that is supposed to be a hat or part of her head. Goober has a childish, goofy-sounding voice. She likes to call people dumb, even though she herself is dumb.



Captain said that he loved her enthusiasm in Among Us Logic 2.


Mr. Cheese

Goober insulted him in episode 2 and 9, which lead to her getting killed by him in retaliation both times.


Song Appearances


  1. Among Us Logic 2; Grabbed by the handle of her lamp hat while being stamped and stabbed repeatedly by Mr. Cheese.
  2. Among Us Logic 9; Killed by Mr. Cheese, along with PoopyFarts96 (cause of death unknown).


  • Goober shares a voice actress with Mother.
  • The eyestalk on Goober's head emotes with her; for instance, when Mr. Cheese grabs her and beats her up in episode 2, it displays an X over its eye.
  • She appears in Among Us Logic 4, but does not speak.
  • She is the first pink character to call Mr. Cheese dumb, the second being Dum.
  • As of Episode 32, Goober has been absent a total of 23 episodes. She holds the 3rd highest record for consecutive absences so far.


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