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Put an egg in your shoe and beat it, pal!

— Greaser, Among Us Logic 4


Greaser is a minor character first appearing in Among Us Logic 4. He apparently acts to be "very cool" as Veteran sees him as some sort of god. In reality, he's a coward to everybody else as he starts crying when Player dies.



Veteran and Greaser seem to get along very well, with Veteran being his biggest fan.

Blue Squadron

He is allies with the rest of Blue Squadron and helped them fight the Empire.



Player both insulted and killed him. Later, though, they work together to fight the Empire.



He killed Greaser after he killed Player in episode 4.


He was killed by members of Lord Gentleman’s empire.



  1. Among Us Logic 4 (prologue match); Stabbed with a knife by PoopyFarts96.
  2. Among Us Logic 4; Shot with a pistol by Player.


  • He is the third blue character in the series (with the first being B-Day, second being Bro and the fourth one being Blue).
  • He is the show off of the cast.
  • He is more self centered than Bro.
  • In Mr. Cheese vs Mr. Egg the host has a striking resemblance to Greaser, though they’re most likely different people.
  • Greaser returns in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate after 28 Episodes of absence, beating Sheriff's record of 18 episodes.
  • In Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, Greaser’s codename is Blue 2.
  • In Gametoons Gaming, there's a character almost similar to Greaser named Vinny. The only difference being Vinny is yellow.


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