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Hello! As someone with actual goat horns, I find that term offensive.



Hornsly is a minor character who made his debut in Among Us Logic: The King Imposter. He is the owner of Qwerty, a highly intelligent robot who had hacked the game's system and led to Player losing once again in the episode.


All of the crewmates in Among Us Logic: The King Imposter

They liked Qwerty, Hornsly's robot, which made Mr. Cheese mad.



Hornsly showed him his robot, Qwerty, and Player told everyone. But later, Qwerty killed Player, forgetting that he was the one who made him known. Qwerty tricks Player into thinking he found Hornsly to kill. In reality, this was a fake Hornsly, created by Qwerty. Qwerty traps Player in a pod in The Skeld and sends him flying before blasting it. So at the beginning, they were good on terms.


Among Us Logic: The King Imposter

Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate (cameo)


Mr. Cheese

Qwerty caught Mr. Cheese murdering Veteran. He alerted Hornsly and the crew so they vote Mr. Cheese out. Mr. Cheese also despises Qwerty and Hornsly after Qwerty stole his fame. Also, Qwerty ended Mr. Cheese's Impostor win streak.


  • Both Captain and Player have offended Hornsly in their debut.
  • Everybody loves Qwerty and he shares a striking resemblance to Blue's robot in Die Tonight.
  • Qwerty acts like a cute, but nearly mindless robot whose shy, but in reality, he's a super-genius! It is unknown if Hornsly is aware of this.
  • Qwerty was the 7th pet in Among Us Logic, the others are Timmy and Franklin, Blue's robot, Toto, Cheddar and Not-Orange's Mini Crewmate.
  • Qwerty could be a hacker since he can control The Skeld destroying Navigation and Player.
  • Hornsly has different horns than the in-game cosmetic horns. His horns have one more twist and is more tightly woven.
  • Captain refers Hornsly as, 'Qwerty's Owner', and, 'Goat-Boy'.
  • Hornsly was the 6th blue character (if Freezy was a new blue character) here, the first being BDay, the second being Bro, the third being Greaser, the fourth being Blue/Monster, and the fifth being Freezy.
  • Hornsly is Blue with the ram horns and a robot pet.
    • Qwerty might be chosen for the robots name because of the inspiration of the first 6 letters of the qwerty keyboard.
  • In Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, Hornsly’s codename is Blue 3.
  • His horns appear darker in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate.


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