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Not Canon
How to Summon Novisor in Among Us is not canon to the Among Us Logic series universe.

How to Summon Novisor in Among Us is the second machinima produced by Gametoons Gaming. It was released on April 21, 2021.


The episode begins in media res with Rookie, Captain, Hunter, and Player running down together side-by-side in the southwest corridor, to see Mr. Cheese standing from behind. Captain draws nearer to him, calling him out to be noticed. Mr. Cheese responded by chanting, revealing that he was possessed.

In MIRA HQ, Rookie is seen being urged by two of his friends to complete his remaining tasks so all of them can win the game, but he insisted. He then went to the rear end of Storage in an attempt to summon Novisor by incantation.

He waited for something to happen, but a moment of silence followed just the same. He went to Cafeteria, declaring to himself that the legend of Novisor is fake.

Just as he finished saying, everything around him went in disorder. The next thing he knew, Novisor was infront of him, ready to attack. Rookie was terrified, but he managed to run away from him.

On the dropship in Polus, Player and Captain are seen having a conversation. Both of them talked off-camera so the only part is heard where Captain has done so much autographs, telling him that he had done something great once, and he completed his "mission" of doing his best. Running out of breath, Rookie ran to them, still in shock from what happened earlier. Player asked if he was alright but Captain interrupted to show off to Rookie.

Player stopped his talking and asked to act more serious in Rookie's situation, yet Captain didn't listen and continued babbling. When Captain finally stopped, Player told him that the both of them need to help Rookie, and now asked what was going on with him. Rookie introduced himself, telling them that he had overheard from his brother the legend. Once again, Captain interrupted for the second time. Going back to his topic, Rookie wanted to prove that the legend is fake. Player recalled on how he also had the same experiences Rookie had. Offering to help him, Captain told the both of them to follow.

Back in Rookie's server, Mr. Cheese is seen searching the entire map looking for someone. He came across Storage, the same place where Rookie had done the incantation. There he found a few books, planning to himself to sell them.

In Polus, Player is walking with Rookie with Captain in the lead. Rookie asked Captain on where are they going, before the latter answered that they were going to meet Hunter, his old friend from the military. Captain also told them that Hunter had a ghost hunting career after he retired, meaning he was the right person for Rookie. They ended up in O2 where Hunter was.

Captain introduced Player and Rookie to him. Rookie told him that, according to Captain, knew something about ghost hunting. Hunter knew immediately the reason why Rookie came to him. He went further, telling them that his profession only attracted very few people. But today he had hundreds interested to meet him; telling that Novisor had came to them, infecting their games and their kids. Hunter insisted that he can handle Rookie's situation. The four of them decided to move to Rookie's server back in Mira.

They finally went to Rookie's server. Hunter advised them not to touch anything there. This time, it was Rookie who was in the lead to follow. From the Southwest corridor they went to Cafeteria, but they stopped when they saw Mr. Cheese standing from behind, staring at a wall. Captain went near him and asked if he was alright. Instead of answering him straight, Mr. Cheese taunted him by chanting his version of Novisor's catchphrase:

"Mr. Cheese, Mr. Cheese, give me Gouda or give me Brie!"

Hunter offered to help him, but Mr. Cheese ignored his question to greet Hunter's "group", mentioning all of their names. Rookie questioned Mr. Cheese's knowledge of his name, in which the latter replied that Novisor, the one who possessed him, is here with them. Hunter retorted, saying that he isn't scared of him. The lights suddenly went out and when it went back on they saw Hunter dead. Rookie asks Captain what they will do next, but Captain decided to retreat. Player persisted his friends.

Novisor appeared to them, this time in his true form. Rookie tried to stop him by chanting the same incantation he did before, and it worked. The surroundings were returned to normal, and Novisor was out of their sight.

Rookie, Player, and Captain went back to Polus, taking Mr. Cheese with them. Mr. Cheese thanks the three of them for freeing his body from the curse. Player urges Rookie to join their lobby with him, but Rookie hopes that the lobby isn't haunted. The episode ends with the four of them laughing together with everything back to normal.



  • This is Hunter's debut episode.
  • This is the first episode featuring Novisor on the Gametoons Gaming channel (the NoVisor impostor role was by players.)
  • Hunter mentioned about him receiving a prank call from someone who had farted from their phone. This unknown caller can possibly be PoopyFarts96.
  • In the same conversation, Hunter referred the phrase “killing a ghost” an oxymoron, a figure of speech that combines two seemingly contradictory words for sharp emphasis or effect. Captain questioned, “What did you just call me?”, thinking Hunter had called him a moron.
  • Upon entering Rookie’s cursed server, Hunter reminded his “group” never to touch anything. But in a frame in timestamp 5:58, he seems to have stepped on the sludge.
    • Hunter made the same mistake not one, but four times in 5:58, 6:01, 6:04, and in 6:10.
    • Coincidentally, Rookie happens to also step on the sludge two times in 6:03 and in 6:09.
    • So does Captain, in a separate frame in 6:09 and 6:10.
  • In the ending scene, the top view of Cafeteria from Rookie's server, which is now empty, is seen in its normal surroundings. But in the next few seconds, it began to return from a cursed form once more, this time with a blurry image of Novisor smiling in the middle.
    • This shows that Novisor is not yet defeated from Rookie's incantation, but only took away Mr. Cheese's body from his possession.


  • Hunter's body is seen at 6:52, but in 7:58 where the server's curse is "lifted", it is not.