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The thumbnail of "Like Father, Like Son".


Like Father, Like Son is a GameTunes song about a young boy who wants to be an impostor like his father.


There was a boy

7 years old, he didn't play with toys

Unlike the others

And all he ever wanted was to be like his father

He used to play the game

The game of deception, he rose to fame

He was a legend

But the boy had dreams, he knew he was destined

But what next?

Time to learn how to break necks

He's got no regrets

All he ever wanted was to follow in the shadow

Of his footsteps

So when he is older, he could be the impostor, don't forget what he told ya

He could be the one

Wait for the day, like father like son

We're toy soldiers, having fun

We're imposters, like father like son

We're toy soldiers, having fun

We're imposters, like father like son

There's something stirring

Deep inside

A killer waiting to find his dark side

But every time he looks at a normal life

Everything that he sees is the shape of a knife

There's a killer in the words of the bricks he made

The emergency meeting's a masquerade

He's building his forts, the battle is won

The gift on his birthday's the shape of a gun

We're toy soldiers, having fun

We're imposters, like father like son



Brain Slug (from Who is Mr. Cheese?)

White With White Top Hat and Suit

Cyan with Flower hat

Mr. Cheese (Thumbnail)


  • This is the second song that there are no GameToons characters, even Mr. Cheese, the first is What Really Happens In The Vent.
  • You can see a Cheddar plush in Brainslug’s bedroom.
  • In the second chorus scene, Brainslug and Dad were in a rainbow spiral and spinning around the spiral, this could be a reference to In Love with an Impostor.
  • On the SoundCloud download, both of the crewmates were changed to yellow and the mini crewmate lost his cheese hat.