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This is a list of characters who have been in any episode released by GameToons, either canon or non-canon.

For characters who have appeared in songs relating to Among Us Logic, see List of minor GameTunes characters.

100 Players Game's 97 Players

They appear in Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby, there are 99 of them because Player is the 100th. The first to speak was "ProGamer", then everyone spoke and Player's ears hurt, so he voted himself out to stop the pain and said, "Oh thank god”. SirClogsworth was also present in this round along with Mr. Cheese.

Buzz Aldrin

In Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!, Captain called him to get advice about his friendship with Player. He is mistakenly called "Buzz Nielstrong" and "Buzz Lightyear" by Captain, who also does not know that Aldrin was not the first out of the landing craft. He is also the only real human in the entire series.

Voice Actor

Ryan Stewart


The Crewmembers are seen for a brief moment running in the engine room as they evacuate to the escape pods of the Airship. There were six of them: purple, lime, green, orange, cyan and pink, all wearing white helmets.


In Among Us Logic 17, they beat up Mr. Cheese and took his banner. This may be a reference to the movie Joker, where the Joker was spinning a sign which was stolen before being beat up.


They appeared in Among Us Logic 14 at the end, when Player joined the normal lobby. They didn't talk, however. To find Chiz, slow down the video at 9:22 to 9:24. At the bottom you can see Chiz's name along with a slight glimpse of Veteran. Their set is yellow with hockey mask and police skin. They only appear for milliseconds so it is nearly impossible to see them at normal video playing speed.


They appeared in Among Us Logic 5, killed by Mother and her children, Timmy and Franklin. They didn’t talk at all (as of now), and only appear dead on the meeting screen. It is unknown if and when they’ll appear again. They also appear in Running In Circles, standing in Polus, possibly moments before Mother kills them.


He hospitalized Mr. Cheese and Cheddar. He mistook Mr. Cheese for Mr. Mean Cook.

Voice Actor

K. William Scott

Doctor in Movie

He appears in a movie scene in Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor.


Her only appearance in the series was in the film Among Us Logic: The curse of No-Visor.

"Oh, doctor, I don't know what to do. Everywhere I go, I see Novisor!"

Voice Actress

Katie Spradlin

Minecraft Skinned Player (Logdotzip)

He appeared in the cheaters lobby in Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead!. He has the skin of Logdotzip, a Minecraft YouTuber who sponsored Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead!. A player with the shape of an emergency button who was making himself warm by the fire is beside him.


It appeared in Among Us Logic: Monster School. It sent Balthazar to Happy for Balthazar to brain control Happy. Balthazar ended up thinking of himself as a pet of Happy. When the mothership came, Balthazar chose to sacrifice Player.

Mr. Mean Cook

He appears in Among Us Logic 17 in Mr Cheese's backstory. He kicked out Cheddar for eating the food in the kitchen. He also has a bloody knife in the kitchen. He is next seen in the hospital, as the doctor mistook Mr. Cheese for him. At this point Mr. Mean Cook is probably dead due to having a deadly unknown disease.

Voice Actor

Ryan Stewart

New England Patriots

In Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby, they are in the Cheater’s Lobby and known to be the biggest Cheaters of all, as a reference to the NFL football team of the same name, often said to be cheaters from rival fans. They each have different body types and wear football helmets, T-shirts, and shorts.

Novisor's First Vessel

Voice Actor

Maxwell Dallas

Not-Orange's Mini Crewmate

He only appears in two shots (which is when Not Orange sprays the Mini Crewmate and when Not Orange uses the Revive Machine to revive Mother (who was Bone at the time).

Player's Parents

During Player's dream, he is encouraged by his parents that nothing in life will come to him easily, then it is immediately revealed they are victims of the No-Visors. They then proceed to call him a loser and say that they will die along with his friends, because Player is too weak. It is known that Alan is the name of Player's father as mentioned in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate.

Voice Actor

Ryan Stewart

Voice Actress

Ariel Hack


Voice Actor

Joseph Jowett

Red Crewmate

In Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!, when Mother called the emergency meeting because Mr. Cheese and TheGentleman were both dead, you’ll see there's a red crewmate hiding in the background with everyone. It’s not Player since he left the lobby.

Rookie's Friends

TheGentleman’s Mentor

He is a mentor who teaches TheGentleman about tasks and work. He appeared in Among Us Logic 11.

Voice Actor

Cory Crater

Wires Player

In Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead!, at the end of the video Player got sent in the Cheaters Lobby. There's a red player with wires skin laying on the floor hugging his knees.