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Among Us Logic Wiki

There are a list of minor, insignificant items in the Among Us Logic series.


The AK-47 is a gun that appeared in Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor, Veteran was messing around with this gun and Stoner walked in the armoury room speak with Veteran. Startled, Veteran accidentally fires the gun at him, resulting to Stoner's death. It also appears in Among Us Logic: Jailbreak in the armoury.

Automatic Ejection Button

The Automatic Ejection Button was part of a mod that Veteran installed. Someone of Veteran’s choice is automatically ejected every time the button is pressed. Once Veteran presses the button, someone is ejected into space. It is unknown how the button selects who to eject. Veteran is seen using the button to eject Player out.

Baggy's Bag

This bag is usually worn on top of Baggy's hat. It actually displays whatever emotion he himself is feeling, and we can see the bag happy, sad, or scared.

BFF Bracelet

The BFF bracelet was given to Veteran from Player as a best friend gift. However, when he thought that Captain was Player’s new best friend, he sobbed and threw down the bracelet, which was claimed by Captain. It was made by Player.

Blue Sports Drink Bottle

The Blue Sports Drink bottle is a bottle of energy drink. It made its first cameo appearance in Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor. It was placed beside the Notepad, near the monitor. In Airship Arrival, Captain used it to christen the Airship instead of a traditional wine glass. In The Last Crewmate, Player was trying to do a bottle flip with it, which he never succeeded.

Bro's Mirror

This Mirror appeared in Among Us Logic 6. When TheGentleman tells Player about Bro's Halloween costume dressed as police officer, Bro was looking at his mirror telling himself he's gorgeous.

Captain's Guitar

Captain's Guitar appeared in Among Us Logic 4 when Captain sings for Player.

Cheddar Plushie

The Cheddar Plushie appeared in Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors... When Mr. Cheese mentioned buy a Cheddar Plushie doll at NewScapePro Merch. Later, Mr. Cheese was scared and was petting the Cheddar Plushie instead his real pet, Cheddar.

GameToons Drip Shoes

The Drip Shoes were just a joke from a real meme, Drip meme. Veteran wore them.


The Glasses appeared in Among Us Logic 12, Mr. Cheese wears it for 5 seconds.

Golden Cannon

The Golden Cannon appeared in Among Us Logic: Jailbreak as the last weapon Mr. Cheese was toying with. He shoots it, showing a big, bright, red laser beam that created a hole in the walls of Armory, Kitchen, and Viewing Deck where he shot the cannon, showing the open air beyond it. It appears again as a cameo in Among Us Logic: Daycare, starting from the scene where Engineer shows and tests out his ray gun.

Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook was used by Engineer in the prologue match of Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter... to cross the huge gap between the two platforms in Ventilation in order to escape the pursuit from Player (who was the impostor at that time).


The Hamburger first appeared in Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival. Mr. Cheese and PoopyFarts were in the kitchen making Hamburgers, but PoopyFarts didn't add the cheese and Mr. Cheese complained about it. in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter..., Mr. Egg is planning to open his own restaurant and sell 100 hamburgers and make Mr. Cheese out of business at Cheese Louise.


This Motorcycle appeared in Among Us Logic 12, Mr. Cheese was riding on the Motorcycle for 10 seconds.

Mr. Cheese Alarm Clock

The Alarm Clock was used by Aiden to check what time it was. It has a full body of Mr. Cheese with his hands in the minute and hour hands. The minute and hour indicators are white, while the clock's face is black with white dots around it. It shows the time of 7 o' clock.


The Necrewmatecon is a grimoire and based on its name, guides the reader on how to summon the undead (in this case, Novisor). Only two page spreads were featured. The book's pages have strange illustrations, with words written in an unknown language, possibly only understood by Novisor's cultists. In Records, before completely fading away from Player's sight, a frail Mr. Egg points out to him the book that was placed on the lowest shelf on one of the bookshelves. Player brought the book with him, and after skipping the meeting he showed the book to Wizard and PoopyFarts96, urging either one of them to do the seance to expel Novisor from the game. Player asks to everyone if someone knows how to perform the seance, and PoopyFarts volunteers. However, PoopyFarts does the exact opposite of what Player told him; he instead summons Novisor, which leads himself to being killed by the very thing he summoned.



The Notepad made two cameo appearances in the second and third episodes of the Novisor saga. The notepad has a page written with the words "one of us". It was first seen adjacent to the monitor on the right side, beside a bottle of the NRG drink. The episode after its first appearance, it was placed in the middle of the conference table in Meeting Room as PoopyFarts96 performs the ritual to summon Novisor.



This Phonebook appeared in Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!, when Captain looking through the cams and found Buzz Aldrin show up. And he asked how did Captain got his number? Captain owns this Phone Book.


The Pistol appeared in Among Us Logic: Jailbreak, When Mr. Cheese went to the armory room and grabbed any weapons.


The Radio appeared in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, Player was trying to call someone for help which he record himself, but at the end Veteran answered it.


This bite of the Sandwich was appeared in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, Baggy was eating the sandwich for lunch toke a bite of it and Player knocked Baggy out from the box.


SirClogsworth's Harmonica

The Harmonica appears in Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby as SirClogsworth is seen playing a song with it, in a solemn melody, when Player first arrived in the Cheater's Lobby.

Tape Recorder

This Tape Recorder appeared in Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival, when Player was accusing PoopyFarts as the impostor even Veteran agreed, but PoopyFarts had the tape recorder that recorded everything that Player said.


The Telephone appeared in Among Us Logic 6, when Mother was talking to unknown caller and officer Bro on the telephone. In Crewmate's License, TheGentleman was trying to call Mr. Cheese for leaving him alone.


This Telescope appeared in Among Us Logic 7, Captain was doing the telescope task while Blue was talking to him about stars.

Veteran's Crowbar

The Crowbar appeared in Among Us Logic 4, Veteran hit Mr. Egg with his crowbar although it doesn't show the animation.

Video Game Console

The Console was used by Player while playing a video game in his dream. After losing, he then throws it out of rage.


Wizard's Magic Wand

The Magic Wand appeared in Among Us Logic: Monster School as he uses it to clean up the mess he made, caused by the leaking of trash in the garbage bag he tries to take out as part of a task.

Wizard's Staff

This Staff appeared in Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out. Wizard uses his staff to stop Arnold, made the big hole on the ground.