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My name Mr. Cheese!
— Mr. Cheese's catchphrase, said first in Among Us Logic 1 (actually as a baby somewhere in the past)


Mister Cheese (stylized as: Mr. Cheese) is the primary deuteragonist in Among Us Logic (while only being a proper antagonist in episode 12 but in episode 15 he sacrificed himself for the primary protagonist even though he himself was a zombie). He appeared in all episodes, except episodes 3 and 4 (he himself did not appear in Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor, but he was shown on an alarm clock as a cameo). He is comedic and hyper intelligent, although he often acts rather idiotic. He is also an entrepreneur, as he made a restaurant called Cheese Louise. His romantic interest is TheGentleman, and his top rival is Mr. Egg. His pets are Cheddar and Toto, and his in-game username is Mr Cheese and MrCheese in some episodes.




Cheddar is Mr. Cheese's pet dog. Cheddar's design has no relation to any pet cosmetic in Among Us, and was designed by GameToons, as real Among Us dogs are blue with one eye, while Cheddar is an orange cheese wearing dog with a visor.

TheGentleman (Obviously)

They are best friends and have a romantic interest with each other. They love each other very much and have a strong bond although Mr. Cheese has killed TheGentleman 4 times. In Among Us Logic: Daycare, Mr. Cheese was angry that TheGentleman had killed him but they eventually patched things up.


Since Mr. Cheese created him, he often compliments him.


Happy is Mr. Cheese's minion/assistant. He helped Mr. Cheese pull off the pet impostor scheme. He asks Mr. Cheese "Happy do good boss?", to which Mr. Cheese replies "Yeah yeah, Happy do good.” He then asks him where the pets are, but he doesn't know, so Mr. Cheese is kind of annoyed by that. But overall, they are on ok terms, though he is more like an assistant than a friend.


Player (turning into a friend)

They work together as Impostors from time to time, but Mr. Cheese still calls Player and Veteran losers in Among Us Logic 12. Player originally considered him a rival during that time and an enemy. Still, in Among Us Logic 14, they are glad to see each other. Captain mentioned in Among Us Logic 15 that Mr. Cheese and Player go on little side adventures, leaving him behind entirely, and in the same episode Mr. Cheese sacrifices himself for Player. They are usually on friendly terms and don’t hold any grudges.


They were impostors twice, but sometimes Mr. Cheese accuses Mother as an impostor. In the Daycare episode the Gentleman used her to make Mr. Cheese jealous, although Mr. Cheese probably knows that Mother did not understand what was happening.


Mr. Cheese and PoopyFarts96 get along well occasionally, and Mr. Cheese seems to be able to understand his language. However, it's not uncommon for these two to get into arguments over small things.


Toto was once Mr. Cheese's dog, but he became a zombie due to Captain's pet-infecting computer virus and betrayed him and his friends under its influence. Toto is also based off a pet cosmetic in Among Us.

Veteran (turning into a friend)

Mr. Cheese bullied Veteran and caused a mild conflict between them. Veteran also made fun of TheGentleman's outfit in Among Us Logic 23: Airship Arrival, which aggravated Mr. Cheese on several levels. But in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter, Mr. Cheese says Veteran is his best customer.


Mr. Egg (obviously)

They hate each other because they both strive to be TheGentleman's associate and counterpart. However, in GameToons Gaming, they are more like frenemies, but in the normal episodes they are #1 rivals.

Not Orange (obviously)

Not Orange made him upset by taking Mr. Cheese's color in Among Us Logic 13. He called him a “dirty color thief" and threatened to kill him first and as painfully as possible if chosen to be the Impostor.

Ms. Pink

Mr. Cheese made it very clear he was not fond of Ms. Pink in Among Us Logic 14, and disapproved of how Player found her attractive.


Qwerty, a small robot owned by Hornsly, quickly became the attraction of the entire lobby in Among Us Logic 20: The King Imposter. He ended Mr. Cheese's Impostor win streak and stole his fame.

Freezy (possibly)

Freezy murdered Mr. Cheese in Among Us Logic 11, who was Mr. Tree at the time.

Stoner (possibly)

He killed Mr. Cheese in the first episode and in Among Us Logic 22: Dragon Mod. Mr. Cheese also killed Stoner in Among Us Logic 20: The King Impostor.


In the lobby, when Arnold smashed through the first wall, he, TheGentleman, Gnome and Mother argue over him. He also killed him at Weapons in Episode 34.


Bro said that Mr. Cheese is too stupid to be a good impostor in Episode 2.


In episode 2, she called Mr. Cheese dumb, which caused her to get stabbed.

Mr. Cheese's songs:

Song Appearances


Among Us Logic 1

  • My name Mr. Cheese!


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 2 Caught killing Goober.
Among Us Logic 7 Caught killing Blue.
Among Us Logic: The King Imposter Caught killing Veteran.


Total kills: 20

Character Episode Place of death
TheGentleman Among Us Logic 2 Skeld, Admin
Goober Skeld, Cafeteria
Mr. Egg Among Us Logic 5 Polus, O2
Captain Among Us Logic 6 Skeld, Upper Engine
Veteran Skeld (room not given)
Blue Among Us Logic 7 Polus, outside Admin
TheGentleman Among Us Logic 9 Skeld, Electrical
Goober Skeld, Medbay
Veteran Skeld (room not given)
Player Among Us Logic 12 (prologue match) MIRA HQ, Balcony
Captain Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague Polus, outside Office
TheGentleman Among Us Logic 16 (prologue match) MIRA HQ, Reactor
Engineer Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams! (prologue match) Skeld, hallway between Reactor and Security
Captain Skeld, Security
Player Among Us Logic: The King Imposter (prologue match) Skeld, Electrical
Veteran Among Us Logic: The King Imposter (main match) Skeld, Weapons
PoopyFarts96 Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter... The Airship, Cargo Bay
Engineer The Airship (room not given)


  1. Among Us Logic 1; Sliced into half by Stoner.
  2. Among Us Logic 10; Shot with a pistol by Veteran.
  3. Among Us Logic 11; Stabbed with a knife repeatedly by Freezy.
  4. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead!; (dead; specific killer not given)
  5. Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby; Sliced into half by Angel.
  6. Among Us Logic 16; Apparently hanged with his own towel by Veteran in Locker Room.
  7. Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!; Sliced into half by Dum.
  8. Among Us Logic 21; Eaten alive by Novisor.
  9. Among Us Logic 22; Devoured by Stoner (as a dragon).
  10. Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival; Stabbed with a knife by Player.
  11. Among Us Logic: Daycare (prologue match); Stabbed with a knife by TheGentleman.
  12. Among Us Logic: Daycare (main match); Shot with a pistol by Franklin.
  13. Among Us Logic 30; Shot with a ray gun by B-Day.
  14. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Sliced by Stoner (as TheGentleman).
  15. Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out; Flattened by Arnold.


  • As of episode 34, Mr. Cheese is tied with Captain for the second most amount of appearances. They are behind Player, who has appeared in every episode.
  • Mr. Cheese is one the most popular characters in Among Us Logic, having many songs and appearances. A lot of fans have mixed feelings on Mr. Cheese, he is hated (mainly because of him slowly becoming very egoistic since he wins almost every time as imposter) and liked by a lot of people.
  • Mr. Cheese broke the fourth wall in Among Us Logic 13, stating that he is the most popular character in the series. He also broke the fourth wall at the end of Among Us Logic 7, when he spoke directly to the viewers.
  • Mr. Cheese can play the violin in "Everyone Suspects Mr. Cheese".
  • Mr. Cheese becomes TheGentleman's associate again in Among Us Logic 6.
  • Mr. Cheese is one of 3 characters with a gay love interest, the other two are TheGentleman and formerly Mr. Egg.
  • Mr. Cheese, Mr. Egg, Engineer, Veteran, Toto and Franklin all became zombies in Among Us Logic 15.
  • Mr. Cheese tried to replace Cheddar with Toto but then Toto gets infected in Among Us Logic 15.
  • Mr. Cheese now has his own restaurant called "Cheese Louise”. This restaurant has been featured in Among Us Logic 26: Fat Imposter.
  • Mr. Cheese is one of four characters that can understand PoopyFarts96's fart language, the other three being Stoner, Captain, and Mr. Egg.
  • In game, his name is Mr Cheese, because the "." symbol cannot be used in Among Us usernames.
  • Mr. Cheese has violated the kill cooldown twice, he did so in Among Us Logic 9 and in No One Suspects Mr. Cheese.
  • He got into the Cheaters Lobby because he created the TheGentlebot, but it is unknown why he didn’t get into the Cheaters Lobby earlier.
  • Banana, a character in Everyday Among Us Life by STA Studios may be a reference to him, based on personality.
  • He and Mr. Egg are the only characters named after a food.


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