Mr. Cheese vs. Mr. Egg

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Mr. Cheese vs. Mr. Egg is a Rap Battle Among Us Logic Song which was created and posted by GameTunes. The Music Video focuses on the Rap Battle between Mr. Cheese and Mr Egg.


Mr. Cheese

Here we go, here we go

My name Mr. Cheese

And I'm the greatest imposter

I've even got my own song

I'm a cheesy rock-star

You're scared of me cos you look so jumpy

Well you should be

I pushed Humpty Dumpty

I'm the coldest killer, but I'm hot as hell

All I need is a spoon

To go and break your shell

I'm the cheesiest player alive

Today I'm serving up egg, fried!

Mr. Egg

Well my name is Mr. Egg

And I'm Among Us legend

But your friends play one game

And call themselves Veteran

Well now it's me and TheGentleman

And you're old news

You're never gonna win

Because you always lose

I may be egg-centric, but you're a melt

Everyone knows I'm the greatest crew-mate

On the SKELD

When I'm done with you

You're be begging me, please

Cos I'm the one who's slicing up

And serving up cheese

Mr. Cheese

This battle is funny, because you're a joke

I've got the big brain

Your head's full of yolk

If you see me around

I'll be doing some hacking

Look at this guy

Under pressure he's cracking

You're running scared

You should go back to Britain

You're just like your mommy

Even she was a chicken

You're trying to win

Well your plan is spoiled

You're in hot water now

And your eggs are boiled

Mr. Egg

My head's full of yolk

That's what you say

Your head's 99% curds and whey

You're coming in second

I'm coming in first

"My name Mr. Cheese!"

You gotta learn some more words

I'm here to stay

And I'm putting on the root

Who taught you to speak?!

"I am Groot?!"

I'm the one everybody loves the most

Only thing you're good for

Is cheese on toast

Mr. Cheese

This is a rap battle

And you're starting to ramble

You're getting beaten every second

And you're looking kinda scrambled

You ain't no MC, yeah your lyrics are fake

I'm gonna whisk you up

And put you in a cake

I'll watch you bake

Cos I'm the greatest killer around

Everybody knows me

When I'm putting it down

I'm the best rapper on the seven seas

And only Street G'S are made of cheese

Mr. Egg

That cheese hat gone soft

I think you can tell

Like Mr. Poopyfarts

He's beginning to smell

If you see me on the ship

Well you better run

Mine is real

Yours is a cheddar gun

I'm the most egg-cellent

egg-citing one on the base

Everybody knows I'm gonna win first place

I'm the new rapper in town

That's wassup

Everybody likes their crew-mate

Sunny side up


Greaser with black suit and black color


Mr Cheese

Mr Egg

Purple with his guitar


  • The song is currently on trending.
  • Due to Mr. Cheese being orange, Mr. Egg changed his color to yellow.
  • Blue is present in this music video.
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