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Yeah, I know that feeling.
— Mr. Egg, Among Us Logic 8


Mr. Egg is TheGentleman’s former associate and a semi-recurring character in the series. Unlike Mr. Cheese, Mr. Egg has a more subdued and subservient personality, acting like a yes-man to TheGentleman before his character development between episodes 5 and 8, while also having a comedic side, making egg puns often during his debut episode and other episodes he appears in. He also made a pun on “Christmas Present” in episode 11. He speaks with a British accent.

Mr. Egg was an impostor in episode 3, but was lucky when caught killing Stoner and Bro in front of Player and Veteran, Captain didn't believe Player. Mr. Egg can be a little bit cocky but TheGentleman chose him to be his assistant until episode 5 when Mr. Cheese killed him. In episode 8 he returned, just to get revenge on Mr. Cheese for stealing his place.



He followed all of TheGentleman's commands and he did not get yelled at like Mr. Cheese did. . .


He and Player seem to be good friends apart from when Mr. Egg is an impostor and when Player is a crewmate, or the other way around.


It is possible they are a couple, however nothing has been confirmed by GameToons.


Mr. Cheese

After Mr. Cheese got his revenge on Mr. Egg, the two are now rivals since Mr. Cheese murdered him disguised as Player, and they have disliked each other ever since. In Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor, they appeared to be nice to each other.


Veteran tried to eat him in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter. He is also seen putting pepper , smearing him in butter, and trying to roast him over a fire, which was only acknowledged by Gnome, although everyone still alive was present at the meeting.


According to Among Us Adventures, Captain blamed Mr. Egg for starting the zombie apocalypse in Among Us Logic 15 and thus was banished to the Cheaters Lobby.


He killed Mr. Egg, and turned him into a Novisor that could go through computer screens.


Pirate is possibly arguing with Mr. Egg while arguing with TheGentleman and Captain.


Song Appearances

GameToons Gaming

In Gametoons Gaming, Mr. Egg and Mr. Cheese are sometimes friends. He normally uses orange now, before he used mainly white or pink but mostly white and occasionally red. Mr. Egg is also a little more rebellious and competitive.


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 8 Presumably ejected for defending Player.
Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors... Framed of killing Mr. Cheese as revenge for calling his maroon color a "moron color" before the match started.


Total kills: 6

Character Episode Place of death
Gnome Among Us Logic 3 MIRA HQ, (room not given)
Bro MIRA HQ, Medbay
Captain Among Us Logic 8 MIRA HQ, Greenhouse
Veteran MIRA HQ, Cafeteria
Stoner Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague Polus, O2
TheGentleman Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor MIRA HQ, Office


  1. Among Us Logic 4; Bashed in the face with a crowbar by Veteran.
  2. Among Us Logic 5; Cut into pieces by Mr. Cheese.
  3. Among Us Logic 11; Killed by Gnome (cause of death unknown).
  4. Among Us Logic 12; Sliced into half by Ninja.
  5. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! (prologue match); Dead, unknown if killed or ejected.
  6. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! (main match); Killed, specific killer not given.
  7. Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor; Captured by Ria (as a No-Visor).


  • In Among Us Logic 8 he changes his color to pink because Mr. Cheese has orange and Veteran has yellow.
    • This makes him the first male character to wear pink.
  • He doesn't repeat what his name is, unlike Mr. Cheese.
  • In episode 11, he changed his hat to a present and renamed himself "Mr. Present". This was both in reference to the gift box hat he wore and his role as the Ghost of Christmas Present.
  • In episode 11, his headstone lists "1786-1893" as his birth and death dates, which is very unlikely as Among Us was first made in 2018.
  • He appears in Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! but doesn't speak.
  • In Mr. Cheese vs. Mr. Egg, his color was yellow due to Mr. Cheese using orange.
  • He likes to make egg puns because he is named Mr. Egg and has an egg yolk on his head.
  • He becomes a zombie in episode 15 and kills two people: Player (at the end) and Stoner.
  • He was back with TheGentleman in Crewmate's License.
  • In Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor, when he becomes a No-Visor, he kills TheGentleman with a Samara reference, except by bashing his visor in, not playing horror images all at once.
  • In Among Us Logic 8, he seems to live by the ocean.
  • It’s rumored that he's bisexual or pansexual.
  • Between the main series and Gametoons Gaming, Mr. Egg has been seen wearing the most colors of any other character. He has worn orange, yellow, white, red, pink, and maroon.
  • He and Mr. Cheese are the only characters named after a food.


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