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'Hey, little guy.

— Ms. Pink, Among Us Logic 14


She appears in Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby where she is known as one of the biggest cheaters in the lobby as well as the most fabulous, beautiful cheater. She uses cheats to kill Angel in Episode 14 despite her being an Impostor.



Player thinks that Ms. Pink is hot, even though she was about to kill him. He was blushing when she called him tiger.


Like Player, he thinks that she is hot. He also blushed.



After Angel killed Mr. Cheese, Ms. Pink stepped on her and squished her, despite Angel being an Impostor.


Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby

Among Us Logic 16 (mentioned)


Character Episode Place of death
Angel Among Us Logic 14: Cheaters Lobby The Skeld, Cafeteria


  • She's one of the only characters in the series that has a different body type than the normal Among Us body style. The other one was the Minecraft character at the end of Episode 13 ,the New England Patriots , the emergency button crewmate and the wires crewmate.
  • Her design is inspired by the Mayor's assistant, Ms. Bellum in the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Her head is in the thumbnail.
  • In Among Us Logic 16 she is mentioned by Mr. Cheese when Player tells him about his girlfriend, because Player liked Ms. Pink whilst being in a relationship with Noob.
  • It is possible Mrs. Pink is throwing shade at several Among Us ads that use a voluptuous pink character.
  • Along with using cheats to kill impostors, it is a possible reason for her ending up in the cheater's lobby is changing her appearance.
  • Despite fans saying that Ms. Pink was in the background of In Love with an Impostor dating a green crewmate, it was actually a different pink with goggles.


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