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(I'm a great ninja and good at killing, so I'm a killer who wants to start this game right away.)

— Ninja, Among Us Logic 1


Ninja is a side character and made his first appearance in Among Us Logic 1, but did not participate in the match. According to Sheriff, Ninja disconnected. He is the only character that speaks Japanese, so basically nobody understands him, something that deeply annoys him. Even though he understands English, he refuses to speak it. Ninja is both highly bloodthirsty and deeply sarcastic, often making sardonic remarks about the stupidity of his fellow players.

Voice Actor

Ryan Stewart



Ninja and Bro were the impostors in the beginning of Among Us Logic 2. Ninja was following Bro in the beginning like he was his friend. When Bro said that they'll gloat over the other people they beat, Ninja said "Your face is ugly, and your hat is crippled," in Japanese. Ninja also killed Bro in Among Us Logic 12.


Ninja teamed up with Bro at the beginning of Among Us Logic 2 and killed Player. Also when Bro was insulting Player, Ninja was with Bro. Veteran also convinced Ninja to help Player win in Among Us Logic 12. Player got ejected, but Ninja's fate is unknown. He probably lost as Player never wins, but Ninja could have disconnected as happened in Among Us Logic 1. Player also said to Bro “Ninja did all the work!” in Among Us Logic 2, along with Ninja thanking him in Japanese. Player also relied on calling Ninja at the end of Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor.

Dr. Doktor

He betrayed Ninja by driving the airship into the No-Visor portal, but in AUL 31, he explains that he's doing it for Aiden. Later, he decides to betray Novisor and join Ninja and the others.


Captain started the game when Ninja disconnected, refusing to wait for him in Among Us Logic 1. He later saves Captain in The Curse of Novisor.


Mr. Cheese (not major)

Mr. Cheese got Ninja voted out in Among Us Logic 2 by asking "Hey, how do I go into the vent like Ninja did?" Ninja in Japanese said he respects Mr. Cheese’s impostor abilities. They have not made up on screen but are not mad at each other.


Among Us Logic 1

Among Us Logic 2

Among Us Logic 12

Among Us Logic: The Revenge Of Novisor (phone call)

Among Us Logic: The Curse Of Novisor

Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter

Song Appearances


  • His characterization is based off a ninja, a type of covert assassin dating back to the time of feudal Japan. His headband accessory is a nod to the popular idea that ninja wear all black; however, real-life ninjas usually wore civilian clothes as a disguise. The idea of them wearing black gi comes from traditional Japanese theater, where actors playing ninja would dress like the stagehands to surprise the audience.
  • Ninja says he is good at the game because he uses his sword to kill anyone who wants in when Player asked him how he was so good at the game.
  • Ninja's hat is a bandana, although it is drawn as purple in the cartoon series. In real-life Among Us, the hat is black.
  • Captain mistook Ninja's Japanese for "The el Mexicano", which is Spanish.
  • In Among Us Logic 1, it was verified Ninja said in the lobby "I will eat/kill anyone who is in my way."
  • He disconnected in Among Us Logic 1. He may have a poor Internet connection. (However he disappeared in a poof like a real ninja).
  • He is the only one that nobody in the lobby understands, besides Poopyfarts96, of course.
  • He may be in the Cheater's Lobby because he double-killed Mother and Bro without Player's help in Episode 12 (the same way Angel double-killed Rose and Bday), yet he still spoke on the phone in The Revenge of Novisor.
  • He may be a reference to players which aren't English-speakers yet join English lobbies.
  • Ninja is the first character that does not speak English and nobody knows what he says.
  • Ninja is probably the best impostor in the whole Lobby, but GameToons fans think that Mr. Cheese is the best impostor, even having lines in his song about him being the best impostor.
  • He is heard on a phone call with player in The Revenge of No-Visor after 12 episodes absence.
  • Ninja's weapon of choice is a katana, a type of Japanese longsword. Impostors don't have this weapon in vanilla Among Us.
  • He was the first character to be given a mouth, in Among Us Logic 2.
  • In Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor, Ninja speaks some English along with his usual Japanese, albeit with a Japanese accent.
  • He may be friends with Player as he tries to save him in Curse of Novisor.


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