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No-Visor, No-Visor, we will make you one of us!

TheGentleman as a No-Visor


Audio recording of a chant that signals a No-Visor's presence

No-Visors are Novisor’s victims brought back to life as an undead ghost that serves their assailant. Once possessed, the No-Visors have all the body features of the victim, except for their legs (which are replaced by a ghostly tail) and visor, which is missing (Dr. Doktor is an exception as he is not a ghost, but without a visor). Occasionally, they have a wide, sharp-toothed smile, but this is only shown with Stoner. All members are controlled by Novisor and has no consciousness in their surroundings. However, he may release them free from his control if he wishes.

They made their debut in Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor in Aiden's short biography, but their most notable canonical appearance started the episode after.




They are his servants, and they do his bidding.


Everyone else

Since they serve Novisor, they attack and come after anyone who is not possessed. This is shown when they are chasing Player, Veteran, Captain, Ninja, and Dr. Doktor.


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