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Noob is Player's ex-girlfriend. She made her debut in Fall Guys Logic 2, and she reappeared in Among Us Logic 16. When she decided to go by her real name, Veteran cut her off, saying she's "brand spankin' new", and forced her to use the name Noob. Player was annoyed at Veteran for this at first, but Noob agreed, and complied.


Rose & B-Day (Temporarily)

Noob was most likely with Rose and B-Day, working together until the lights went out.



Noob was Player's girlfriend for quite some time, but soon broke up with him when Player ejected her in Among Us Logic 16.

Mr. Cheese

Noob has nothing against Mr. Cheese, but before she joined, he and Veteran mentioned Noob and Player being quite likely to break up. Mr. Cheese also embarrassed Player when he mentioned how he fell for Ms. Pink in the Cheater's Lobby.



Veteran complained about Noob and his loss in Fall Guys, even ejecting her and killed TheGentleman. Veteran succeeded in getting revenge on Noob by winning as the Impostor and causing Player and Noob to break up.

TheGentleman (Possibly)

When Mr. Cheese was murdered in the locker room, TheGentleman mourned his death, and immediately blamed Noob for the crime.


Among Us Logic 16


  • She made her first appearance in Fall Guys Logic 2.
  • She does not know about Ms. Pink.
  • Veteran was the reason she and Player broke up.
  • When Noob was editing her avatar in Among Us Logic 16, she toggled through a few different designs, one of them being the same costume as Sheriff, and another as Mother’s Halloween costume seen in Among Us Logic 6.
  • Because she owns the witch hat (a hat only accessible during the Halloween event) means she has played Among Us way before joining Captain’s lobby, similar to how she acted like it was her first time playing Fall Guys. Or she is the same person as Mother but has a different voice and disabled her crewmate pets most likely because the events of Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague (though this is unlikely).
  • She was most likely brought back due to fan request.
  • We still don't know what her name is, as Veteran always interrupts her before it's announced.
  • She also appeared in Squid Game Logic, but Player didn't know her.


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 16 Accused of splitting up from Player, leaving him alone in the beginning of the match.


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