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Not Orange is a minor character that appears in Among Us Logic 13. He causes most of the conflict in the episode with his joking, cheating, and mistreating of his Mini Crewmate. Not Orange is the one who invented the Revive Machine using a level 4 healing crystal. It is unknown if he was sent to the Cheater's Lobby.


Not Orange and Blue are good friends, as shown in Among Us Logic 13 (although Blue was called Monster). They have played together on other lobbies.


Not Orange helped Player win, but he and Blue still hacked the game to make the latter win, and sent Player into the Cheater's Lobby. It is unknown if he did it on purpose or not.

Not Orange revived Mother in Episode 13 (with additional help). But, she dislikes him for how he treats his mini crewmate like a pet.


Mr. Cheese is upset with him for "stealing his color" despite the fact that Orange was open when he entered the lobby.

Veteran dislikes him because his name is extremely confusing, and gets him voted out after trying to convince the others that it it was "Not Orange". He also possibly killed him in AUL 19/Hacking Security Cams.

Captain was trolled by Not Orange and Blue in Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead. In AUL 19/Hacking Security Cams, when he sees Veteran kill him, he admits that he never liked Not Orange in the first place.

TheGentleman noticed he was cheating in Episode 13.


He first appears by the Revive Machine, and Blue questions it's purpose. Not-Orange explains what it does, and Blue asks to see it in action. He states that he'd have to be dead for it to work, and Blue playfully responds by killing him. However, Not-Orange uses the machine to revive himself, and calls out Blue. They eject him, and the crewmates win.

They respawn back in the lobby, and are met with an argument. Veteran is upset that his name states that he is Not-Orange, despite him being orange. Mother is angry that he stole the idea of having children, and about how he treats the Mini-Crewmates. Mr. Cheese is enraged about the fact that his color has been taken, and he has to switch to yellow. Not-Orange decides to create a deal with them. He says that if they win the next round, they get to choose what he wears. However, if he wins, he gets to choose what they wear. Mother, Mr. Cheese, and Veteran accept this deal, and they start the round.

Later on during the round, Mother is stack killed, and a meeting is called. Veteran accuses Not-Orange of killing Mother, and Not-Orange shifts the blame on him. Veteran is ejected, and he is revealed to be a crewmate. The round continues. Shortly after, Not-Orange and Blue decide to show Player the Revival Machine. They decide to attempt to revive Mother using this machine. When Mother awakens, she is confused, and Blue explains everything. When Mother asks if reviving crewmates is cheating, they threaten her with the ability to undo everything. She backs down after that, and an emergency meeting is called.

Animated Not-Orange


Captain is confused about how Mother is still alive, and admits to killing her during the stack kill. TheGentleman realizes that Not-Orange and Blue cheated, and he asks Player if this is really how he wants to win, if the victory will truly be worth it. Player replies by stating, "You bet your sweet butt it will, old man!" and they eject Captain and TheGentleman. Player gets his first win, and gets excited, but his joy fades when he realizes that he is stuck in the Cheater's Lobby forever.

When Captain is flicking through the camera, Not-Orange appears for about 5 seconds before being killed by Veteran. However, it is unknown if this is Not-Orange, as he has no Mini-Crewmate and a cyan coloring.


  1. Empaled by Veteran's Imposter tongue (Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!)


  • He might be same character from the song "SUS", although the character used the color Cyan in that music video.
  • He is similar to Mr. Cheese but with way less popularity. Mr. Cheese also cheated in Among Us Logic 10 with TheGentlebot, and he was also pretty arrogant and mean in Among Us Logic 12.
  • It is unknown why he and Blue didn't go to the Cheater's Lobby
  • If Not Orange is not banned, he has control over what the server wears, unless Captain doesn't care about the deal and bans him, which is unlikely.
  • He is possibly the main cheater.
  • For a brief moment in Among Us Logic 14, Veteran has a changed hat, pointing towards the theory that Not Orange has changed the costumes.
  • If you slow down the section of Among Us Logic 14 between 9:22 and 9:24, you will see a new character called Chiz , who is possibly a friend of Blue and/or Not Orange.
  • Not Orange's mini crewmate is the fifth pet introduced in the series, the other four being Timmy and Franklin, Toto and Cheddar
  • He is not in control of the lobby as he won in Episode 13, but so did the others.
  • A player that looks like him is seen at the beginning in Episode 19 when Captain looks on cameras, he can be seen getting killed by Veteran and he has a Cyan color.
  • He is similar to the YouTuber Socksfor1.


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