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Unofficial Name
Novisor's Realm is a name not confirmed to be official to the Among Us Logic series, or by GameToons.


Novisor’s Realm is the place where Player, Captain, Ninja, and Dr. Doctor end up after traveling into the giant Novisor Portal. It first appears in Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter.

Player, Captain, Ninja, and Dr. Doctor end up here when they go through the giant Novisor Portal. A short while after they come inside, Duncan and a group of hooded figures come in as well. The hooded figures trap Ninja, Player, and Captain while Duncan summons Novisor out of a crack in the ground. Once summoned, Novisor orders Dr. Doctor to kill Player. However, Dr. Doctor can’t bring himself to do it, and instead kills Duncan and the hooded figures. Once Dr. Doctor has been defeated by Novisor, Player steps into the battle and finally ends Novisor.


The realm has red-colored soil, with a sporadic mountain range with splatters of black goo at its summit. The realm's atmosphere gives its characteristic red color, with thin mists covering the far end of the mountain range.