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"It be worse than mere nonsense, boy."

— Pirate, Among Us Logic 4


Pirate is a minor character who only appears in Among Us Logic 4.



Pirate and Stoner found out Veteran being one of the 2 impostors. They threatened Veteran into reporting the body afterwards leading to Veteran warning both of them that they will join TheGentleman and Mr. Egg if they get closer.



TheGentleman helped Pirate with getting his real name (Captain) back with Leader/Captain. But TheGentleman was not fond of him taking his color at first.

Mr. Egg

He was arguing with Captain and possibly Pirate, but maybe made out after TheGentleman sorted their color dispute.



He stole Pirate's real name, which later leads to an argument with him and TheGentleman.


He and Stoner saw Veteran kill TheGentleman and Mr. Egg.


Among Us Logic 4 and in 8 (in a flashback).


  • Pirate has the color cyan (formerly black).
  • His hat is a pirate hat.
  • He speaks with a pirate accent.
  • Despite pirates technically being outlaws, Pirate seems to have some noble traits similarly to how TheGentleman has.
  • He could briefly be seen in a flashback in Among Us Logic 8, during Mr Egg's song. Pirate is one of the two characters that is only seen in Among Us Logic 4, the other being Greaser. However, Greaser appeared in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, meaning that Pirate is the only character that has only been in Among Us Logic 4 and also the only character in the entire series to appear in only one episode.
  • He and Greaser have been absent a total of 28 episodes as of Episode 32.
  • It is unknown if he even has friends in the series, but for most likely he has a few enemies such as Captain for "stealing" his name and Veteran for seeing him as one of the impostors covered in blood after killing TheGentleman and Mr. Egg in the hallway.
  • He doesn't have a main color. The one he liked more was cyan suggested by TheGentleman because he didn't play with the black color, it is also noted that after Among Us Logic 4 he wasn't ever seen playing again; he only had a cameo in Among Us Logic 8.
  • Stoner is the only one from the entire series who might've be allies with Pirate. The only reason might be because they were together when they caught Veteran red handed, since most of the game shows more scenes of Player and Veteran talking to each other.


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