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I think you have the wrong guy. I'm kind of... [...] A loser.



Player is the main protagonist in Among Us Logic. He has played a match in every episode, except for episode 5 or Hacking Security Cams!, and lost in all but two episodes that he played (one of the games he won he cheated in so he was sent to the cheaters lobby). His suit-color is red and he wears a red beanie cap, which is his most iconic part. In episode 6, he wore devil horns for Halloween, and candy cane antlers in episode 11 for Christmas. Player also has a song called How Do I Always Lose!?. He either doesn't know how to change his name or doesn't want to, due to his name being the default and him never changing it. He is obsessed with winning Among Us to the point where, in Among Us Logic 16, he lost his girlfriend, Noob.

The main gag of Player's character is that he is the most “normal” member of his lobby and the one that everyone can relate to, but can never win a game of Among Us at all (except in Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter and Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...). Although generally a nice person, he gets annoyed with his peers easily and complains a lot. He's also quite gullible, falling for Stoner’s act in Episode 1 and not recognizing the bot impersonating TheGentleman in Episode 10. He is fairly competent as an Impostor. He would usually make smart moves but someone would sometimes cheat to stop him. However, he is terrible at lying and this usually leads to him being pegged as "sus" or maybe also that he is red. Later episodes depict him as being more amoral, to the point of working with cheaters to win in episode 13 (which he regrets in episode 14); even after renouncing cheating, he comes increasingly bitter and cynical, generally being more quick to snap at people and coming off as weary with his friends' antics. He is also favored by Captain and Veteran.

Player is again the main protagonist of the Novisor subplot which started in episode 18. Unknown to him, he was chosen to be embodied by the Dark One. He watches his friends die from the Dark One's hands just to come to him—and to prevent his dark fate from happening, Player must stop him once and for all.

Song Appearances

No One Suspects Mr. Cheese (Cameo)

Running In Circles (Cameo)

How Do I Always Lose!?

Oh No

The Life of Mr. Cheese (Cameo)

The Death of Mr. Cheese

Friday Night Funkin vs. Among Us



Name Status Notes
Aiden Relationship Neutral.png Unknown -
Aiden's Roommate Relationship Neutral.png Unknown -
Angel Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -
Arnold Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Asdf Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
B-Day Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Baggy Relationship Neutral.png Unknown -
Balthazar Relationship VeryNegative.png Negative -
Blondie Relationship Neutral.png Unknown -
Blue Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -
Bro Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Captain Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Cheddar Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -
Cheater's Lobby Relationship VeryNegative.png Negative -
Dr. Doktor Relationship VeryPositive.png Positive -
Dum Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Duncan Relationship Neutral.png Unknown -
Engineer Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Freezy Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Gnome Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
God of Among Us Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Goober Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -
Greaser Relationship VeryNegative.png Negative -
Happy Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Hornsly Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Hunter Relationship VeryNegative.png Negative -
Mother Relationship VeryPositive.png Positive -
Mr. Cheese Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -
Mr. Egg Relationship VeryPositive.png Positive -
Ms. Pink Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Ninja Relationship VeryPositive.png Positive -
Noob Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
No-Visors Relationship SwornEnemyMajorInfluence.png Negative -
Noob Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Not Orange Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Novisor Relationship SwornEnemyMajorInfluence.png Nemesis -
Novisor's Cultists Relationship SwornEnemyMajorInfluence.png Negative -
Pirate Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -
PoopyFarts96 Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Qwerty Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Ria Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Rookie Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Rose Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -
Sheriff Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
SirClogsworth Relationship VeryPositive.png Positive -
Stoner Relationship VeryPositive.png Positive -
TheGentlebot Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
TheGentleman Relationship SlightlyPositive.png Neutral/Positive -
Timmy and Franklin Relationship SlightlyNegative.png Neutral/Negative -
Toto Relationship Neutral.png Unknown -
Veteran Relationship BestFriend.png Best Friends -
Wizard Relationship Neutral.png Neutral -


  • Dum: She is Player's older sister. Her name is only what others had called her, rather her real name is Jessica. Apparently, it’s too hard to pronounce.



Player met Veteran in the Fall Guys Logic series. They have been good friends all throughout most Among Us Logic episodes, (even though Captain thinks he is Player's best friend). Mr. Cheese (disguised as Player) hurt Veteran's feelings by saying that Captain was his new bestie to hide the fact they were both Impostors (alongside Mother) causing him to throw his friendship bracelet down onto the floor and run off crying. (They have made up since the episode after. He also has the Minecraft logic counterpart Veter-ham who is quickly befriended by Player in that one episode, as well as the Veto counterpart in Friday Night Funkin’ Logic.)


PoopyFarts96 always makes Player laugh. In the same episode, Player refused to vote him off. Nevertheless, Poopyfarts has killed Player as the impostor several times (Player killed him in episode 2, PoopyFarts killed him in episode 4, and in episode 6, but Player killed him again in episode 7). He was revealed to be the dark ritualist in AUL: The Revenge of Novisor, though the relations of them are unknown as of now.

Mr. Egg

After Mr. Egg was dumped by TheGentleman, Mr. Egg became sad and very lonely. Player felt sorry for Mr. Egg and befriended him in Among Us Logic 8.


Player seems to have a soft spot for Mother, as he decided not kill her in Navigation in Among Us Logic 2. Player also appears upset when she dies (as shown in Among Us Logic 15). In Episode 14, he mentions her as one of his friends.


They had a rocky, unstable friendship in the first few episodes, but they are currently on good terms and they were both impostors in Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival.


While Captain once considered Player to be his best friend, Player actually despises Captain for his clingy and possessive nature, egotism, stupidity, and jealousy of Veteran's status as Player's actual best friend. Player's hatred of Captain borders on the pathological, even harboring the desire to murder him in Episode 12. However, Player does occasionally show signs of reciprocating at least some of Captain's affection and will help him on occasion. In Episode 15, Captain betrays Player, claiming that Player "never cared about him" and ending any possibility of a genuine friendship between the two. Although in Episode 17, he and Captain tried reset the Seismic Stabilizers together after Mr. Cheese sabotaged them. In the 19th episode, he started calling Player "bestie" again after hearing Player refer to him as such in Episode 15. This means the “friendship” between the two can start again.


Player saw Angel killing B-day and Rose in the 1st episode, but they were both the impostors in the 14th episode.


He and Player are on friendly terms. In Episode 1, Stoner called Player a "sad gullible noob", but in Among Us Logic: The King Impostor, they were both doing tasks in Electrical together and chatting, and also in Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors... Stoner did a sacrifice to made Player win.


He was showing Rookie the map, and we are going to ignore the fact that Player called Rookie a “noob-scrub idiot”.

Engineer and Gnome (possibly)

Engineer and Gnome were showing Player their new invention.


In "Airship Arrival" at the first meeting, once Wizard introduces himself to the rest of the group Player says "Kill the Outsider" getting him ejected from the airship. However in the Revenge of NoVisor, they work together to try to defeat NoVisor. In "But The Impostor Works Out" Player and Wizard were being mistreated by the rest of the group, but Wizard was the only one to comfort Player when he felt rejected, even if he got voted off before in "Airship Arrival" he told Player that he doesn't hate him and that wizards don't hold any grudges. Unfortunately, for Player, he looses the match because of thinking Wizard is not one of the impostors.


Mr. Cheese

Player and Mr. Cheese used to be on good terms but because of Among Us Logic 2, when Mr. Cheese gave him away as a impostor, he started disliking him. As of episode 12, however, Mr. Cheese has developed a big ego and has been very bad to Player. Because of this, Player does not really like him anymore. However, Player is glad to see him in Among Us Logic 14 when Mr. Cheese winds up in the cheaters' lobby alongside him, and in Episode 15, Mr. Cheese pushes Captain into the lava. When TheGentleman was dead, Mr. Cheese becomes Player's sidekick. In Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!, when Dum said she won her first game and a very special friend helped her win, Player whispered, "Please say Mr. Cheese". In Among Us Logic: The King Impostor, Mr. Cheese is authoritative over Player but Player doesn't give in to him.

Not Orange

Not-Orange helped Player win with his revive machine but also got him banned to the Cheater's Lobby.


Player's girlfriend appeared in Among Us Logic 16, but then they broke up at the end because he voted for her. She could be Girlfriend, because of a fan theory, but that isn’t known for sure.


In Among Us Logic 13, Blue hacked and helped Player to win. But in episode 7, he saw Player murder PoopyFarts96, thus getting Player ejected.

Ms. Pink

Player fell in love with her and Ms. Pink called him tiger in Among Us Logic 14. However, Ms. Pink nearly killed him after killing Angel, so their relationship is most likely stressed.


Qwerty made player lose when blasting the pod that he was trapped in in Among Us Logic: The King Impostor. Hornsly is Qwerty's owner and most likely knows its secret as a super-genius. But at the beginning, Player thinks Qwerty is very cute.


She is Player's sister but he had a mental breakdown when she won her first game and they weren't very good partners in the dragon mod.


At first, Player disliked Bro, because he was rude to him in Episode 2. In later episodes and Roblox Logic, it seemed like they're on good and friendly terms.

Dr. Doktor

Dr. Doktor tried to turn Player into the next Novisor vessel, but then decided he would go against Novisor and help Player finally defeat him.



Unlike Veteran, Player finds Greaser unimpressive. He quickly grows tired of Greaser's snobbish attitude and cowardice and killed him in Episode 4.


He had appeared and grabbed him along with Veteran in Episode 18. He also led to Player losing many games. Player later killed Novisor in AUL 31. He was planned to be Novisor's next vessel, as shown in AUL 28.


Player and Franklin usually don't have any relationships, but when he just said that he sucks, Player didn't like that a single bit. However, it has been shown he may have used to care as in Episode 15 when Franklin had turned into a zombie.


Hunter was ordered by TheGentleman to capture Player in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate.

Everyone except Wizard in Among Us Logic, But the Impostor Works Out.

  • This was Player’s punishment because he was playing Friday Night Funkin' for a month and also dating in the game; it made Veteran, Captain, and everyone else his enemies (at least temporarily).


Episode 1

- Listen Stoner, you gotta believe me here, vote off TheGentleman right now! I've been telling you and everybody else in this horrible game meeting after meeting, but no one believes me! He's never done a single task, he's been caught next to the scene of the crime and he's wearing two top hats, only an insane person would do that! Vote him off now and we can win the game!

- Ok, ok ok, let me just start from the beginning.

- Huh, so this is the Among Us game everybody’s talking about.

-Well, actually, my name is-

- Hmm, cool map.

- Hey, do you mind if I tag along? It might be safer if we all stick together.

- Yes you did, you sliced Mr. Cheese in half!

- Yeah , well, try telling that to the others!

- No! Listen to me! It’s TheGentle-

- Huh, all alone. Guess I better do some tasks.

- Will you guys just listen to me?! I know who both the killers are! One is Angel and the other is-

-I knew I should’ve stuck to Fall Guys (when ejected in Episode 1).

Episode 3

- “Okay. Listen, Captain and PoopyFarts. I know I don’t have any hard evidence, but I want you all to look into your hearts, hear the sincerity in my voice–nobody wants to win the game more badly than me. But this is bigger than that. This is about justice! This is about holding those impostors who eliminated our friends responsible for their crimes. This is for all the crewmates who have fallen in the line of duty. So please, please believe me.”

Episode 11

- Veteran, I’ve heard you sing before. Please don’t.

Among Us Logic: The Airship Arrival

- Kill the outsider!!!!!

- Is everything ok?

- Awesome! Now that I have killed Captain, I'm only one murder away from victory!

- Uhh, it's not what it sounds like?

Among Us Logic: The Revenge of NoVisor

- I know what I saw Veteran.

- Ninja, you gotta save me from Novisor! You're the only one skilled enough to defeat him!

Among Us Logic: Novisor the Final Chapter

- Novisor!! I win.

- It's over.


Total ejections: 8

Episode Reason
Among Us Logic Voted by Stoner and TheGentleman when he thought it was the latter, but it was actually Stoner.
Among Us Logic 2 Asked by his impostor partner Mr. Cheese from outside if the both of them had won without knowing that Bro and Mother overheard them.
Among Us Logic 3 TheGentleman made everyone vote him out.
Among Us Logic 4 Blame shifted by his impostor partner Veteran for being the mastermind behind TheGentleman and Mr. Egg’s deaths.
Among Us Logic 6 Refused to vote out PoopyFarts96.
Among Us Logic 7 Caught killing PoopyFarts96 in cameras.
Among Us Logic 8 Being suspicious.
Among Us Logic 12 Guessed Captain’s real name wrong after claiming that both of them are best friends.
Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival Voted by Veteran and PoopyFarts96 after being accused by the latter of having killed Captain.
Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter... (prologue match) Possibly caught killing someone.
Among Us Logic: The God Imposter (first match) Veteran ejected him using automatic ejection mode in a mod.


Total kills: 17

Character Episode Place of death
PoopyFarts96 Among Us Logic 2 The Skeld, Reactor
Greaser Among Us Logic 4 The Skeld, Cafeteria
Captain The Skeld, Lower Engine
Engineer Among Us Logic 7 Polus, outside Weapons
PoopyFarts96 Polus, outside Electrical
Mother Among Us Logic 10 Polus, O2
TheGentleman Among Us Logic: The King Imposter The Skeld, MedBay
Rose Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival The Airship, Lounge
Mr. Cheese The Airship, Kitchen
Captain The Airship, Cargo Bay
Captain Among Us Logic: The God Imposter The Airship, Engine Room
B-Day The Airship, Vault
Novisor Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter Novisor's Realm
Baggy Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate The Airship, Cargo Bay
Veteran Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors... The Skeld, O2
Dum The Skeld
Gnome The Skeld, Reactor
Engineer The Skeld, hallway between Shields and Navigation
B-Day The Skeld, Cafeteria


  1. Among Us Logic 2 (prologue match); Impaled with an Impostor tongue by Ninja.
  2. Among Us Logic 3 (prologue match); (cause of death unknown, specific killer not given)
  3. Among Us Logic 4 (prologue match); Had the neck snapped by PoopyFarts96.
  4. Among Us Logic 6 (prologue match); Stabbed with a knife by PoopyFarts96.
  5. Among Us Logic 10; Shot with a pistol by Captain, being an imposter.
  6. Among Us Logic 12 (prologue match); Stabbed with a knife by Mr. Cheese.
  7. Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague; Killed by the zombies.
  8. Among Us Logic: The King Imposter (prologue match); Stabbed with a knife and shot with a pistol by Mr. Cheese.
  9. Among Us Logic: The King Imposter (main match); Died from an explosion inside an escape pod.
  10. Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod; Shot with an arrow by Dum.
  11. Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter...; Shot by a pistol by Veteran.
  12. Among Us Logic: Daycare; Killed by Timmy (cause of death unknown).
  13. Among Us Logic: Monster School; Abducted by the UFO.
  14. Among Us Logic: The God Imposter; Shot with a ray gun by Veteran.
  15. Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out; Smashed with a fist by Arnold.


  • Player is the only character who has appeared in every Among Us Logic episode.
  • Jeff, one of the main characters in Everyday Among Us Life, is likely a reference to Player. However, they are opposites as Jeff always wins every game (at least as a crewmate) and Player always loses.
  • Player is lactose intolerant, as revealed in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter, which could explain why he is frenemies with Mr. Cheese.
    • But it’s possible that he doesn't like Mr. Cheese and it was an excuse, because in Among Us Logic: Daycare, he was eating pizza which had cheese.
    • It was revealed in a Friday Night Funkin’ Logic video that he's deathly allergic to bees.
    • It was also revealed in another Friday Night Funkin’ logic he was kicked out of a jazz band in high school.
  • Player’s hat is a beanie.
    • Even if it's just an among us hat, he uses it in all the games he has played, except and Pico Park
  • Player made his debut in the Fall Guys Logic Series on GameToons, although his name was not revealed until Among Us Logic. He was the main character of Minecraft Logic (renamed Steve), which was moved to a NewScapePro channel. It can be found here. It was published back on the GameToons channel around when Minecraft Logic 2 was uploaded.
  • Player is a lot like Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strip series with his bad luck and losing streak, similar to how Charlie Brown has never won a baseball game or flew a kite.
  • In Episode 5, Mr. Cheese disguised himself as Player to get his revenge on Mr. Egg.
  • He had a girlfriend in the Fall Guys Logic series, she returned as Noob in Among Us Logic 16, but they break up at the end of the episode. His girlfriend and Mother from Among Us Logic have the same voice actors.
  • Player would supposedly have won the game in Episodes 2, and 10, but did not if it weren't for the laws of the game literally breaking just to stop him. In 2, Mr Cheese appears out of nowhere to incriminate him as the Impostor. In 10, the bots cheated. He also should’ve won Airship Arrival since it is impossible for PoopyFarts96 or any other Among Us player to record audio of Impostors after killing or call meetings from Security.
  • He seems to be the only character who is actually aware that Among Us Logic is an Episodic Series, with the possible exception of Mr. Cheese.
  • In Among Us Logic 11, he willingly leaves the lobby believing Captain was an Impostor as a gift to him for Christmas, even though he was not the Impostor.
  • In "Mr. Cheese raises Cheddar for Charity!" Player won. This victory is Player's first victory that is canon to the series, yet not in the AUL series.
  • In Among Us Logic 12, he and Captain are now friends even though Player doesn't know Captain's real name. He incorrectly guessed that Captain's name was George.
  • In Among Us Logic 13, he finally won, but had to have help from cheaters to do so. As a result, he was banished to the Cheater's Lobby, not really counting as a win.
  • In Among Us Logic 14, he is free from the Cheater's Lobby after apologizing to InnerSloth for cheating.
  • He may have been considering buying a pet, because Captain said the computer virus he built was to infect pets.
  • As revealed in Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!, he has a sister (Dum) that won her first game helped by Captain.
  • Player does karate, as stated in Episode 19 (Hacking Security Cams!)
  • Player was jealous and had a mental breakdown when he found out that Dum (his sister) won her first match and he was also speechless.
  • In The King Impostor, Player dances and bangs on a pan as a distraction and Veteran was confused about why he was doing that. This may have been a reference to a Fortnite dance, since NewscapePro also makes Fortnite related content.
  • Player, as well as other characters, have appeared in GameToons Gaming (formerly Among Us Adventures), where they test out different mods for the game. Player also wins several matches on this channel, but unfortunately, these victories are non-canon.
  • In GameToons Gaming, it is revealed that Player sometimes has a pet hamster called Jerald.
  • He never wins, because Novisor was haunting him.
  • It is unknown what happened to him at the end of The Return of NoVisor, though he most likely became a victim of Novisor. Episode 24 reveals that he actually time-traveled.
  • Player's name is Jugador in the Spanish dub. He has an Argentinean accent.
  • Player also won several rounds in a live video called "Among Us Live | Mr. Cheese Raises Cheddar For Charity!", like in "GameToons Gaming".
  • Player is extremely good at Friday Night Funkin', as he beat all antagonists in the series, and also beat the Sky, Whitty, and Tricky mod, and in Friday Night Funkin' vs. Among Us, he beat Boyfriend.
  • In episode 30, it's implied by Veteran that Player has a mustache. However, it’s unknown whether or not he was serious.
  • In Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate, Player is shown with a scar.
  • Player is the 7th character to be shown with a mouth.
  • Player is a reference to Luke Skywalker in Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate due to him being like Luke Skywalker in the episode.
  • In episode 32, it's revealed that his dad's name is Alan.
  • He has the most match losses in the entire series.