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*farting noises*

— PoopyFarts whenever he "talks"


PoopyFarts96 is a recurring character in Among Us Logic. He communicates to everyone in fart noises. Captain, Stoner, and Mr. Cheese are apparently the only ones who can understand him (however Novisor also may be able to understand him). Mr. Egg also seems to be able to understand him in AUL 11. In AUL 6, Mr. Cheese (playing as Mr. Pumpkin) pretended to understand him to get him and Player voted off. In Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival, he was in Security watching cameras when Player killed Captain. As first-hand witness he recorded a cassette tape when Player said:

"Awesome! Now that I have killed Captain, I'm only one murder away from victory!"

He then called a meeting directly from Security and played the recording, proving that Player was the impostor. This shows that he can go beyond the game’s system for his advantage.


He is one of the more jokey characters in the series, as he is a parody of immature players. He speaks in a way that only he can understand, making his personality in general quite mysterious. But it was revealed in Among Us Logic: Revenge of Novisor he is actually apart of his side.



Player said he was always his favorite in Episode 2. In Episode 6, he wouldn't vote out PoopyFarts, although this may have just been because Player knew he was not the impostor. However, in Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod, PoopyFarts said he and Player were no longer on speaking terms.


The two seem to be pals. Captain is the one of the few characters who can understand PoopyFarts’ "language", the other ones being Stoner and Mr. Cheese. He usually asks him first for input during meetings.

Everyone (Almost)

Most of the characters like him. As TheGentleman puts it, he always makes everyone laugh. He also seems like an agreeable person, even if he doesn't talk.


They were impostors at the beginning of Episode 3.


Mr. Cheese

As shown in Dragon Mod, both of them are good on terms. However, PoopyFarts also hates him for faking his language in Among Us Logic 6. In Airship Arrival, both of them had an argument on whether they will add cheese on a burger they were assigned to make as part of a task. The conflict between them arose once more when Mr. Cheese killed him when he was about to report Player's body in Fat Imposter.


He was working with PoopyFarts in Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor. After he was summoned by PoopyFarts, the latter offered a knife to him, requesting to kill his summoner as sacrifice.



After PoopyFarts killed Player, he killed Greaser in Episode 4.

Song Appearances

(all of them are cameo appearances)


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 10 Accused for being quiet the entire meeting.


Total kills: 3

Character Episode Place of death
Player Among Us Logic 4 (prologue match) The Skeld, Electrical
Player Among Us Logic 6 (prologue match) The Skeld, Medbay


  1. Among Us Logic 2; Had the neck snapped by Player.
  2. Among Us Logic 7; Killed by Player (cause of death unknown).
  3. Among Us Logic 9; Killed by Mr. Cheese, along with Goober (cause of death unknown).
  4. Among Us Logic 11; Killed by Gnome (cause of death unknown).
  5. Among Us Logic 12; Stabbed with a katana by Ninja.
  6. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead!; Dead, specific killer not given.
  7. Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague; Killed by the zombies.
  8. Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod; Split in half by Stoner.
  9. Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor; Sliced into half with the Red Knife by Novisor.
  10. Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter...; Had the neck snapped by Mr. Cheese.
  11. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Dead, specific killer not given.


  • PoopyFarts96 is the only recurring character who does not speak.
  • Despite that he does not talk, he has vocalized, as he screamed after being dropped in lava in Episode 10.
  • In early episodes people call him "PoopyFarts96". In later episodes it is shortened to just "PoopyFarts" because his name is over 10 characters, which means it could not be entered as a nickname in a real-life game of Among Us.
  • In the Halloween episode, his hat was a false knife (even though Player said it was a real knife). In the Christmas episode, he wore a plague doctor mask and went by "The Ghost of PoopyFuture".
  • He is very popular among the players in the series, but not much from the fans of the series.
  • He plays a near to minor role, until Airship Arrival.
  • PoopyFarts most likely plunges because he has a piece of toilet paper on his head and because of his name.
  • In the Friday Night Funkin' VS. Impostor mod, PoopyFarts can be seen as a cameo in the background of the song Reactor.


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