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My name...Qwerty!



Qwerty is Hornsly's pet robot in Among Us Logic: The King Imposter. Player finds him and says “Hey guys, check this out!” When Hornsly comes into the lobby, everyone except Mr. Cheese instantly thinks his pet robot is adorable. They all rush over and stare at him lovingly, and Qwerty even gets to wear TheGentleman’s hat. Once the game begins, in which Player and Mr. Cheese are imposters, he impresses people by pulling a lever for his task, to which Mr. Cheese angrily says that anyone can do.

Qwerty is shown doing asteroids, and everyone is watching and encouraging him. Then Player comes and distracts everyone by doing a dance while banging a pot with a spoon while Mr. Cheese kills Veteran. But Player’s distraction didn’t work on Qwerty, who saw Mr. Cheese kill, and he tells everyone at the meeting, causing them to vote Mr. Cheese out.

Player, the one imposter left, is on his way to winning his first game, and only has to kill one more person. He sees Hornsly doing a task, and lunges with a knife to kill him. Unfortunately, it was a decoy that Qwerty made. The doors behind Player close, and Qwerty's face appears on the screen in the room. He asks Player, in a much deeper and monotone voice, what he thinks he’s doing, to which Player responds with asking him to open up the doors. Qwerty’s eyes turn red, and he says that he’s afraid he can’t do that. When Player asks why, he says: “This mission is far too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.” He disconnects the room Player is in from the ship. Player begs to be saved, but Qwerty says: “Player. This conversation serves no purpose anymore. Goodbye.” Qwerty may have cheated in order to close doors in Navigation and to detach it from the Skeld.


The scene where Qwerty traps Player is a huge reference to a scene from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this movie, there’s a famous scene where a robot, Hal 9000, won’t let Astronaut Dave back into the spaceship. Dave asks for Hal to open the airlock doors, but Hal says: “I’m sorry Dave, but this mission is far too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.” Dave pleads and begs, but at the end, Hal says that their conversation no longer serves any importance. This scene absolutely mirrors the game toons scene, in a way that indicates Qwerty is like Hal. They even look the same appearance-wise: Hal has a red dot eye, and Qwerty does too.



Character Episode Place of death
Player Among Us Logic: The King Imposter The Skeld, Navigation


  • Qwerty is one of only two pets in the series that can talk, the other being Franklin.
  • For some reason, Mother is confused about how Hornsly has Qwerty, even though she had to purchase the Mini Crewmate aesthetics to get Timmy and Franklin.
  • Qwerty is likely hacked in some way, since it is able to do tasks, traverse the map, give information, and manipulate the game independently.
    • This does not apply to Timmy and Franklin. Even though the two did kill Cub in Among Us Logic 5, they did it with Mother. And while Franklin can talk in Among Us Logic 5 and Hacking Security Cams, he doesn't provide information that Mother did not know.
    • Qwerty’s name is the first 6 letters of the Qwerty keyboard type.
    • Qwerty saying “My Name Qwerty” is just like Mr. Cheese’s Quote.
    • He could possibly be in the cheaters lobby because of killing player even though his owner is an crewmate and destroying Navigation in the skeld.