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You’re in the cheater's lobby, kid. You got caught. And now you're gonna be stuck here forever, like the rest of us.


SirClogsworth is a cheater and made his first appearance in Among Us Logic 13. He was sent to the cheaters lobby for an unknown reason, most likely his name being 13 characters long. It seems he's also the owner, or captain of the Cheater's lobby, because he knew the mod they were using before the game started.

Voice Actor

Bronson Lassetter


Ms. Pink

He appears to be good friends with her, although he has a crush on her, finding her attractive.


He welcomed Player to the cheater's lobby. He also told Player how to get out. In Among Us Logic 14 they seem to be friends.


None known as of right now.


Among Us Logic 13 (at the end) and 14.

Among Us Adventures Clogsworth

In Gametoons Gaming, SirClogsworth is not in the Cheater's Lobby. Instead, he was playing with the Main Characters. This is because Gametoons Gaming is not canon. He has the same voice and look, but seems to have no cheating history.


  • He is very good at English. (Shown in Among Us Logic 14)
  • His hat is a plunger.
  • His color is white.
  • He has the longest name, with his name being 13 characters long beating out TheGentleman's and PoopyFarts96's name of 12 characters.
  • His name exceeds the 10 character limit, making his name impossible in a normal Among Us game. In Among Us Adventures/Gametoons Gaming, he just uses the name "Clogsworth", which fits perfectly within the limit.
  • His name is similar to Cogsworth in the movie "Beauty and the Beast".
  • His full name is Zack Clogsworth.
  • He is similar to TheGentleman in a few ways.
    • He calls Player "Mr. Player" Like how TheGentleman does.
    • He also introduces all the people in the Cheater's Lobby, which TheGentleman also does in episode 1 and 2.
  • He appears to be good at music, as shown when he plays the harmonica.
  • His Voice is strikingly Similar to Red Cream Soda from The Object Camp TROC. Despite this Taylor Grodin (RCS’s Voice Actor) does not Voice him.
  • Despite having done it in one way or another, he seems to despite cheating, saying that it's bad.
  • It is unknown how he got in the cheaters lobby


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