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Okay, just stay calm, Stoner. Everything is going to be fine.
— Stoner on a spiral before Mr. Cheese kills him, Among Us Logic: The King Imposter


Stoner is a recurring character in Among Us Logic. As his name indicates, he is a stoner, and appears to spend his time being perpetually high, with the result being that he is extremely relaxed and mellow in any situation, as well as not being very alert. However, he does occasionally show signs of intelligence; he was able to manipulate Player while serving as the impostor, claims to have a geology major, and makes "homemade skincare products out of herbs". Stoner is also perpetually unlucky, almost to Player's level of misfortune; with the exception of one win as an Impostor in the first episode, Stoner is generally killed by either the Impostor or his fellow players voting him out. He speaks with a SoCal accent.

Voice Actor

Ryan Stewart


Stoner is very chill and laid back. Sometimes he is an impostor and he can be ill-mannered, mean, and insulting though he may be playful sometimes with his fellow players.



Captain and Stoner are generally shown to be good friends. The two often talk with each other casually, and seem to always be on friendly terms with each other. However, Stoner sussed Captain for following him.

Bro (Most of the time)

He and Bro are briefly seen together doing tasks in Among Us Logic 2. However, it is unclear if the two are friends, and they never interact again over the course of the series. But in Episode 3, they were killed by TheGentleman and Mr. Egg.

Angel (Possibly)

He and Angel were impostors in the first episode, and thus served as partners. However, Stoner winds up betraying Angel, though their secret Discord conversation suggests Angel may have agreed to take the fall.


He help Player to win in Among us Logic, But the Impostor change colors......, when he was voted out, he said that Rose was the remaining impostor and that gave Player a chance to win.



Stoner doesn't like their relationship and thinks that it is gross.


Like Engineer, Stoner doesn't like Gnome's relationship with Engineer, too.

Mr. Cheese

In Among Us Logic: The King Imposter, Mr. Cheese impaled Stoner with his tongue, causing Stoner to die and in Among Us Logic 1, Mr. Cheese got killed by Stoner at the beginning.


In Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor, Veteran killed Stoner. Not only that, but Stoner (as a Novisor) killed Veteran.


Novisor possessed Stoner in Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor.


Wizard killed him in Episode 34.


Among Us Logic 1

Among Us Logic 2

Among Us Logic 3 (no lines)

Among Us Logic 4 (cameo)

Among Us Logic 5

Among Us Logic 8

Among Us Logic: Zombie Plague

Among Us Logic: The King Imposter

Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod

Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival

Among Us Logic: The Revenge Of Novisor

Among Us Logic: Jailbreak

Among Us Logic: Monster School

Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate (cameo)

Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...

Among Us Logic, but the Impostor Works Out

Song Appearances


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 5 Being near Admin where Cub died.
Among Us Logic 8 Self-confirming.
Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors... Claimed Mr. Egg was the impostor but was known wrong.


Total kills: 9

Character Episode Place of death
Captain Among Us Logic 1 MIRA HQ, Reactor
Mr. Cheese MIRA HQ, Dropship
Veteran Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod Polus, outside Dropship
Mr. Cheese Polus, outside Storage
Captain Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors... Skeld (room unknown)
TheGentleman Skeld, O2
Gnome Skeld, Reactor
Dum Skeld (room unknown)


  1. Among Us Logic 2 (main match); Shot with a pistol by Player.
  2. Among Us Logic 3; Killed by TheGentleman (cause of death unknown).
  3. Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague; Impaled with an Impostor tongue by Mr. Egg.
  4. Among Us Logic: The King Imposter (prologue match); Impaled with an Impostor tongue by Mr. Cheese.
  5. Among Us Logic: The King Imposter (main match); Crushed by a detached ceiling fan shot by Player.
  6. Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod; Beheaded with a sword by Captain.
  7. Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor; Shot with an AK-47 rifle by Veteran.
  8. Among Us Logic: The God Imposter; Incinerated in an engine furnace, along with Dum.
  9. Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out; Split in half by Wizard.


  • His suit is usually green, and he wears a leaf hat. It gives him the appearance of a plant.
  • He appears as the DJ in Veteran's dream at the beginning of Episode 5.
  • He got stuck inside the dirt in O2 and used some fresh herbs for his homemade skin care products in Among Us Logic 15.
  • His Minecraft Logic character is Creeper.
  • The dictionary definition for stoner is "a person who regularly takes drugs, especially marijuana”. This would technically explain his leaf head as maybe a leaf of marijuana. This would explain his odd behavior, like he is overdosed on drugs and "high”. It would also explain Among Us Logic: Jailbreak when Player ask Stoner what he is in for responding ''What do you think?'' possibly suggesting he was doing drugs.
  • There is a goof in Among Us Logic 2 where Stoner's visor disappears right before Player kills him.
  • Stoner is the one who confirmed that Gametoons Gaming is not canon in the Novisor Mod video.
  • Revealed in Among Us Logic 1, Stoner is a geology major.


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