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TheGentleBot is a single appearance character from Among Us Logic 10. It is a bot built by Mr. Cheese that loves and compliments him. It is meant to resemble TheGentleman, and looks exactly like him. It later morphs into Player, and Captain has to decide which is the real Player. Unluckily for Player (but luckily for Gentlebot), TheGentlebot wins and Player gets shot down.


Among Us Logic 10

He plays a major role in Among Us Logic 10, where he and Player have to convince Captain who is fake.

Among Us Logic 14 (Mentioned)

He was the reason that Mr Cheese was sent to the cheaters lobby.



Mr. Cheese

Mr. Cheese created him, and TheGentleBot is often complimenting him.



The Gentlebot killed Veteran, despite him being an Impostor.


When Captain kills Player, TheGentlebot (as the killed latter) says that Player loses once again happily.


Character Episode Place of death
Veteran Among Us Logic 10 Polus, Communications


  • TheGentleBot is an obvious reference to the movie "Terminator".
  • This got Mr. Cheese sent to the Cheater's Lobby. It is not known why Mr. Cheese wasn't sent there earlier since he still made his appearance in Captain's lobby in Episode 11, 12, and 13.
  • At the scene in Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor when player opens the locker, a similar image to TheGentlebot is seen except there is no skull.
  • During his tranformation into Playerbot, if you look closely he will take on Veteran's sprite for a second.