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Speak when spoken to, Mr. Cheese!

— TheGentleman, silencing Mr. Cheese in Among Us Logic 1


The Gentleman (sometimes stylized as "TheGentleman") is one of the tritagonists (along with Veteran) and the main antagonist of the Star Wars Arc in Among Us Logic. His suit is usually black (save for a brief gag in Episode 4), and he is known for wearing two top hats stacked on top of each other. He speaks with a stereotypical RP (Received Pronunciation) British accent. He appeared in most episodes but has had a few absences, like in Episode 10, where he “appeared” as a bot impersonating him and in AUL 14 because Player was still in the Cheater's Lobby. He also did not appear in Episode 15 for an unknown reason.


Mr. Cheese

Mr. Cheese and TheGentleman have had a very rocky relationship. TheGentleman was annoyed with Mr. Cheese because he always said his name "Mr. Cheese". Mr. Cheese and TheGentleman split for a little. Mr. Cheese dressed up as Player and got his revenge on Mr. Egg who was TheGentleman's new "associate." Then TheGentleman and Mr. Cheese were back together again in Among Us Logic 6. It's sometimes portrayed that they are in a romantic relationship. Most viewers do the same, although some say it is just a joke. He also seems to flirt with others (such as Mother, Mr. Egg) and Mr. Cheese often gets jealous, which gives more hints to their real relationship. Mr. Cheese told TheGentleman to get closer and closer to him until their faces were touching, and it looked like they were kissing in Among Us Logic 16. In the same episode, they were chasing each other in a circle and playing a game with their towels while giggling. In Among Us Logic: Daycare, Mr. Cheese got mad that TheGentleman killed him, but they patched things up in the same episode. Thereafter, their relationship has been stable and is arguably the most popular ship in the series.


TheGentleman and Cheddar seem to be good friends in Episode 17 when Mr. Cheese said, “Plus, Cheddar was always the best wingman in the world”. However, TheGentleman didn’t like it when Cheddar was making a lot of noise in Episode 33.


TheGentleman and Player don't have the best relationship because of what happened in Among Us Logic 1, but they are currently on good terms. Every time there are new players in the server TheGentleman would explain everyone to Player. In Episode 23 they were both impostors together. According to GameToons Gaming, they are currently on an alliance. Nevertheless, their friendship isn't that stable as Player did blame him for Mr. Cheese's death in Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out, but it was probably due to his anger towards him for not playing with him and the rest of the group for quite a long time.


Among Us Logic 11, Mother is the ghost of Christmas Past. He however, killed her in Episode 6 and Episode 23. They also went out of the lobby together to get a “bite to eat”, and also to make Mr. Cheese jealous in Among Us Logic 27. In Among Us Logic 6, Mother seemed to be flirting with The Gentleman by saying she could cast a love spell on him, but Mr. Pumpkin didn’t like that idea.


Mr. Egg

Mr. Egg and TheGentleman were together in Among Us Logic 3 and was there up to Among Us Logic 5. Mr. Cheese (dressed up as Player) Got his revenge on Mr. Egg. After that, Mr. Egg made a song about The Gentleman in Among Us Logic 8. In the same episode, TheGentleman said, "You’re ugly, you disgusting pink person" to him after Mr. Cheese got angry with him for saying Mr. Egg looked good.


He helped him get his real name Captain back again by negotiating with Leader/Captain. But, TheGentleman was furious when Pirate stole his "dark, charcoal garb" (black).


He is usually on good terms with Captain albeit they have killed each other at times. They normally agree with each other most of the time. In Episode 4, Captain called TheGentleman "TheScoundrel" for taking his color.TheGentleman found it offensive when Captain stated that he and Mr. Cheese have a complicated relationship, which caused him to get voted out in Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out.



He tricked Player into thinking that TheGentleman was the Impostor. He also killed him in Episode 3 and Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colours.


She killed his friend in Hacking Security Cams! However, it is important to remember that he was more than willing to welcome her to the lobby after Player stated she would join the lobby which proves that they are not entirely spiteful to each other.

TheGentlebot (Assumed)

If TheGentleman found that Mr. Cheese replaced him, he probably wouldn't be too happy about that.


TheGentleman called him a specimen and he disliked TheGentleman's cyborg outfit. He also called for him to be voted out in Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival. However, their friendship after the episode has been subtle and have maintained good terms with each other, with them agreeing with each other in most episodes afterwards most notably Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Works Out.


He killed Mr. Cheese at Weapons in Episode 34, which causes TheGentleman call him monstrosity. He and Wizard, together with Player's remarks and Captain's judgment, caused the others to vote him out.

Not Orange

He found out that Not Orange is cheating, along with Blue because he revived Mother from dead in Episode 13, which is impossible.


Among Us Logic 1-9, 11-13, 16, 19 (Hacking Security Cams!), 20 (The King Imposter), 21 (The Return of Novisor), 22 (Dragon Mod), 23 (Airship Arrival), 24 (The Revenge of Novisor), 25 (Jailbreak), 26 (Fat Impostor...), 27 (Daycare), 29 (Monster School), 31 (NoVisor, The Final Chapter), 32 (The Last Crewmate), 33 (The Impostor Changes Colors...), Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out

Song Appearances


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic: Revive The Dead! (main match) Presumably ejected for not being in Medbay where Bone was revived.
Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival Caught killing Mother.
Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out Framed of killing Mr. Cheese since they have a complicated relationship.


Total kills: 6

Character Episode Place of death
Veteran Among Us Logic 3 MIRA HQ, Laboratory
Stoner MIRA HQ, outside Medbay
Mother Among Us Logic 6 Skeld, Communications


Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead Unknown


Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival The Airship, Lounge

The Airship, Gap Room

Mr. Cheese Among Us Logic: Daycare (prologue match) The Airship, Main Hall
Gnome Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate The Airship, Cargo Bay


  1. Among Us Logic 2; Stabbed repeatedly by Mr. Cheese.
  2. Among Us Logic 4; Impaled with an Impostor tongue by Veteran.
  3. Among Us Logic 5; Had the neck snapped by Captain.
  4. Among Us Logic 9; Cut into half by Mr. Cheese.
  5. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! (prologue match); (dead, unknown if ejected or killed)
  6. Among Us Logic 16 (prologue match); Sliced into half with a sword by Mr. Cheese.
  7. Among Us Logic 16 (main match); Stabbed with a knife by Veteran.
  8. Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!; Shot with a pistol by Captain.
  9. Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor; Had the visor stripped off by Mr. Egg (as a No-Visor).
  10. Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod; Died by a magical explosion caused by a duel with Mother.
  11. Among Us Logic: Jailbreak; Pushed off from the viewing deck by Gnome.
  12. Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter...; Killed by Mr. Cheese (cause of death unknown).
  13. Among Us Logic: Daycare; Died from an explosion.
  14. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Shot with a pistol by Stoner.


  • As of episode 34, TheGentleman is tied with Veteran for third most amount of appearances. They are behind Captain and Mr. Cheese in second place; and Player, who has appeared in every episode.
  • In Among Us Logic 4, he was white because Pirate stole his "dark, charcoal" color.
  • TheGentleman has had two associates (Mr. Cheese and Mr. Egg).
  • He may be a reference to Reginald Copperbottom, the 10th Toppat Leader in the Henry Stickmin series.
  • His hat is the double top hat from the Henry Stickmin series.
  • In Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival, he is a combination of Reginald Copperbottom and Right Hand Man.
  • In the Spanish dub, his name is "Caballero”, the Spanish equivalent of the term "gentleman”. The word also translates to "knight" or "horseman”.
  • He was replaced by a bot created by Mr. Cheese in Among Us Logic 10.
  • TheGentleman may be bi, as he has been seen flirting with Mother in Episode 6, but his "association" with Mr. Cheese plays out much like a romantic relationship.
  • In Among Us Logic 11, Mother revealed that TheGentleman's first name is Ebenezer. However K William Scott (Player and Veteran's voice actor) revealed on Discord that his true name was Princeton Pennysworth.
  • In Among Us Logic 8, it's revealed that he and Mr. Cheese most likely live together.
  • The name "TheGentleman" cannot be used in actual Among Us since it exceeds the 10-character limit. Because of this, his name in-game is "Gentleman".
  • Episode 11 reveals that TheGentleman once apparently had a Mentor.
  • In Among Us Logic 1, Player says that only maniacs wear 2 top hats.
  • TheGentleman has a very subtle change during the Halloween episode, wearing just one top hat, like a 'commoner’.
  • According to the channel, GameToons Gaming, it has been confirmed that he and Mr. Cheese are dating, as Mr. Cheese calling him babe and calling him honey back.
  • He has a Cyborg form as revealed in Airship Arrival, and his color is purple.
  • In Among Us Logic: Jailbreak, Mr. Cheese tells Gnome it's heartless to kill her own boyfriend and she replies with "Haven't you killed the Gentleman like, a bunch of times?".


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