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I relish in the pain of others.


Timmy and Franklin are Mother's children.


Timmy is the Captain of his peewee softball team as shown in Among Us Logic 2. He was the one who did most of the stabbing on Cub in Episode 5.


Franklin is the youngest crewmate in Among Us logic. He is known for his sadistic comments, as he is one of the only three pets that can talk (if you count him as a pet seeing as how he's technically a hat). (The 2nd one being Qwerty, and the third one being Balthazar) He is also one of the most hated characters, as people think he’s bratty.

Franklin’s Voice Actor (Timmy doesn’t have one)

  • Katie Spradlin


Among Us Logic 2

Timmy and Franklin are seen for the first time. They are being cuddled by Mother, who is saying to the other players to never talk to her or her sons ever again. The next time they are shown, Player is about to kill Mother, but before he does, Mother turns around and says hi to him. She then proceeds to tell Player how much of a scumbag Mr. Cheese was for murdering in front of her children. Then, she shows him a picture of Timmy in his Peewee Softball team. Player, seeing how innocent the family is, decides to spare them. But that decision is in vain, as Mother ends up voting him out.

Among Us Logic 5

When Captain proposes the idea of a third impostor, Timmy and Franklin are being hugged closed by Mother, who is against the idea because she wants to protect her sons. When Mother ends up as an impostor, Timmy was the one to do most of the stabbing on Cub. Later on, Veteran walks into the room where Mr. Cheese (disguised as Player), Mother, and Captain are, and when Mother sees him, she and her sons run over to kill him. This is when Franklin says his first word, which is “kill.” After that, Mr. Cheese intentionally sells out Mother, who everyone votes out. Interestingly, Timmy and Franklin don’t seemed fazed by their Mother being voted off.

Among Us Logic 6

Although they aren’t in the episode, Mother mentions them. She says that she dropped them off with their dad, so it seems like they have a dad as well.

Among Us Logic 7

They appear in the beginning with medieval costumes on, a direct reference to the movie Braveheart.

Among Us Logic 10

They are present when Mother is killed, and it’s clear that they’re devastated because they’re sitting by her dead body, crying.

Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague!

Only Franklin appears in this episode, the likely scenario that Timmy was killed. However, Franklin has been zombified by Captain’s plague. At first, Player didn’t notice that he was a zombie, but after Franklin turned around to face Player, he revealed he was one. He lunged towards Player, and he would’ve killed him, but a meeting was called.

Among Us Logic: The King Impostor!

In this episode, although it’s never directly mentioned, it seems like Timmy and Franklin are jealous of how much attention Mother is giving Qwerty. This is shown by Franklin and Timmy’s jealous expression every time their Mother is with Qwerty. However, in the end, the two sons get the attention they deserve when Mother decides to log out of the game, just for the safety of her kids.

Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!

In this episode, it’s the first one where Franklin can talk the most. As Mother is talking to Player, Franklin interjects into the conversation. His quotes are:

  • “I relish in the pain of others!”
  • “You suck! Hee hee hee!”
  • “I ate Mommy’s brains.”

Although Franklin is the youngest, he is still the only one able to talk. Timmy doesn’t even say a word.

Among Us Logic: Jailbreak

They are first shown in the library with Mother, who is reading a book to Timmy. When Mr. Cheese comes in, he playfully makes finger guns, which scares one of them, (most likely Timmy), into hiding behind Mother. When a dead body is found, Franklin, who’s sight is being covered by Mother, says: I want to see the blood shed!” The next time we see them, they are in a jail cell with Rookie, Stoner, Player, PoopyFarts96, and Mother. When Player asks the reason why they are in jail, Franklin says: “Saying I was gonna murder you all!” Player remarks that that reason actually makes sense.

Among Us Logic: Daycare

In Among Us Logic: Daycare, after Mother went off with TheGentleman, Dum and Captain babysat them. However, as Dum held them both, Franklin says: “You just made the worst mistake of your life. Timmy is growing increasingly violent.” Timmy demonstrates by pulling out a knife. Once the round has started, Engineer made a red ray gun that could turn people into different things. However, he accidentally made everyone turn into mini crewmates, just like Timmy and Franklin. Timmy and Franklin took advantage of this by pulling and stretching Dum. When TheGentleman and Mother turned everyone back to normal, (grownups) the ray not only turned Player and his friends back to normal, but it turned Timmy and Franklin into grownups as well! When TheGentleman asked who the impostors were, one of them said: “We are!” in his new grown-up voice. Timmy and Franklin killed everyone. Franklin said to Timmy: “Alright Timmy. That was the last of them.” It’s unknown to how they ended up being the imposters, as they started the round as mini crewmates.



They have a good relationship with her. She loves them, they love her, although in Hacking the Security cams! Franklin says “I ate Mommy’s brains!” And seemed to be happy about it. Mother seems to be blinded by love for them as in the Daycare episode she says “They grow up so fast” when Franklin sliced her.



He says that he’s a little freaked out by them.


Once she was their size, they pulled and stretched her.


Mother killed him/her in Admin (Timmy did most of the stabbing.)

Everyone except Mother

They’ve both aided their mother in killing crewmates.



  • Timmy and Franklin are technically pets in Among Us, but Mother treats them like actual children.
  • In real Among Us, pets cannot harm crewmates, unless there is someone who has installed a mod or cheated in the lobby.
  • Franklin is the only mini crewmate who can talk before Among Us Logic: Daycare, as it is unknown if Timmy can talk as well after becoming an adult.
  • They may be the most violent and hated characters in the series.


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