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Toto is a dog under the ownership of Mr. Cheese. Before being turned into a zombie by Captain's virus in Episode 15, he was Mr. Cheese's replacement dog after his owner's separation with Cheddar.


Among Us Logic 7

He was with Mr. Cheese, who was dressed as Dorothy, a reference from the film The Wizard of Oz.

Among Us Logic 15

He gets infected by Captain's computer virus and turned Mr. Cheese into a zombie just like him.

Among Us Logic 17

He is mentioned, but however, did not actually appear in the official game where Mr. Cheese was the Impostor.

Among Us Logic: Monster School

He is shown as a student in Happy's class in the beginning of the episode. Along with Hamster, Squig, and Bedcrab, he was one of four pets who made up Asdf.


  • The name Toto is a reference to Dorothy's pet dog with the same name in The Wizard Of Oz.
  • Toto was adopted by Mr. Cheese because he missed Cheddar so much, and needed something similar to fill the hole in his heart.
  • In Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague, Toto gets infected by Captain is virus, causing him to become hostile and attack Engineer and Mr. Cheese. This also turns his fur green.


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