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Among Us Logic Wiki


Hello My Beautiful People How Are You All (/^•^)/ ❤💛💚💙💜 I'm Blue BerryGD My First Debut Is 1/15/21 My Bday Is Dicember 12.


I Have A Good Personality To Make Drawings Of Among Us Logic In Anime Similar To The Anime Called Sailor Moon And I Love To Make Normal Among Us Logic Drawings.

Allies (Friends)

File Katalin

Me and File Katalin Met On The Page Mrs. Pink They Have Made Good Friends. But Now She Got Blocked :(.


He and me play Geometry Dash.

Absolute King 01

He And Me Plays Geometry Dash.

Not Lime Animator

Before He Was "Not Lime 2021" We Were Good Friends Before Not In 2020 xD Nope But In March We Were On Good Terms And I Was Like A Frenemy With Him For An Unknown Reason What Happened In My Mind But In April Everything Collapsed I Was Arguing With Him And With ForteGreen We Also We Fought Horribly Speaking Of PF96 And They Almost Banned Me From This Wiki But Now Not Because I Apologized To Him And With ForteGreen Too and I came back Befriending NL and NL and ForteGreen Now they don't hate PF96 But now they hate Franklin, And then in June Not Lime left this wiki but in 4 days he came back and in other days later his dad deactivated his account but in August he came back with an account called "Not Lime Animator"

ForteGreen The Pro Impostor (Possibly)

They Discussed PoopyFarts96 Saying That He Is a Bad Boy And Also That He Is a Stupid But Not Anymore Because They Stopped Arguing But PoopyFarts96 Is a Good Boy And He Doesn't Threaten Us. (PoopyFarts is Good And Not a Bad Boy as The People Say).


She Helped Her Make Her Happy.


One day Thunder didn't understand My comment written "T^T" on the page "Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague" But Until One Day I Sent Him a Message And He Told Me About Geometry Dash He Sent Me His Statistics.

GamingPerson11 2.0

I Made Friends With Him And We Speak The Same Language In Spanish And I Love MLP Like Him

Pedram Fallah

I am his friend and he is good at writing to me.


He Made Me a Very Nice Drawing And I'm On Good Terms.

Shoshana Neko

She Said Her Favorite Character Was PoopyFarts96 Mine Too.

Oliver Kenway

We Didn't Used To Talk Much But We Laughed Over PoopyFarts96.

Mini The Gentleman

He Is A Cute Adorable Baby And I Love Him When Looking For Miniatures.


He is a Good Administrator And a Founder And We Did Not Use To Talk Much And He Warned a User Who Made a Fanon Content Page.

Dawn aka Eclipsa's sis

She Is Good And She Became Friends With Me.


She Is a Good person And He Made Me a Picture Of Me Eating a Hamburger.

TriteCG (Or The Second Or TheGrayCrewmate 2021 Idk lol)

We Probably Don't Have a Friend Relationship But He's a Good Person And I Always See Him Spoken To Not Lime



They Were Saying Something That PoopyFarts96 Had A Fake Knife But Blue Berry Didn't Understand.


I'm Not Really Going To get Revenge On Him (It is Possible That We Are Not Enemies).



I Don't Like OrcatheArtist For Hating PoopyFarts96 And I Don't Like It.


He Is Rude And Also Insults Many People On Message Walls And Told Me "Shut Up" On PoopyFarts96's Page.

Leakycalypso927 And Mew2NiteX

PoopyFarts96 Was Told He's a Cheater In The Comments for "Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival" Along With Jay Mitch's Responses And I Didn't Like That.

BlazexWattsIsMyLife, Prettyskylanta4, And Starla’s Alternate Accounts

She And I Used to Be Female Friends But Not Because She Broke a Lot Of Rules And Is a Drama Queen. She Is A Big Liar In Which She Has Over A Hundred Accounts In Which She Lied To Us That She Had Only Five.

Everyone Who Hates PoopyFarts96

I Don't Like That Everyone Hates PoopyFarts96 And That Makes Me Feel Bad.

Windows98 helper

He Hacked Angrybirdsfan6 And I Hate Him a Lot.


He was an Impersonator Of Angrybirdsfan6.


Absolute King Mentioned That Violet Was Starla She Tricked Us But Violet Was Good With Me.

My Favorite Characters From Among Us Logic :3

  1. Mr. Cheese
  2. PoopyFarts96 (Most Favorite ^w^ XD)
  3. Player
  4. Veteran
  5. TheGentleman
  6. Ninja
  7. Gnome
  8. Engineer
  9. Mr. Egg
  10. Happy
  11. Blondie
  12. Baggy

Among Us Logic Characters I Hate :(

  1. Qwerty
  2. Novisor
  3. Franklin

My Favorite Videos From Among Us Logicc :3

  1. Among Us Logic 2
  2. Among Us Logic 6
  3. Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod
  4. Among Us Logic: Novisor, the Final Chapter
  5. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...

Videos I Don't Like From Among Us Logic :c

  1. Among Us Logic 15: Zombie Plague (i Hate That Video a Lot That Video Is Very Sad For Me)
  2. Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor (I'm Scared Of It)
  3. Among Us Logic: The King Imposter (i Hate That Video a Lot)
  4. Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor (It Scares Me Very Much)
  5. Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor (I'm Not Scared But I HATE IT)

The Starla's Alt Accounts

  1. Prettyskylanta4
  2. RihannaCarinaFan404004
  3. BlazexWattsIsMyLife
  4. Watts Is Not Weird At All
  5. BlazexWattsIsMyLife the 2nd
  6. Starla the Awesome aka Starla
  7. Queen Watts of Blaze and the Monster Machines
  8. 33Starla
  9. User:Thesaria224 aka Starla!!!
  10. Prettyskylanta4 V2
  11. Starla the QUEEN
  12. Starla, Champion of The Airship
  13. PawStickmin
  14. Definitely NotStarla

Games I'm Playing On My PC

Geometry Dash,

Among Us

Yandere Simulator

Yoshi Island

Yoshi Island DS


  • My Color Is Cyan / Light Blue / Turquoise In Among Us.
  • My Hat is a Flower Hat Like RoseDemon's Also My Second Name Has A Flower Shade.
  • I'm A Cyan Skunk With Dark Blue Hair In My Pfp.
  • I Have A Second Name In Geometry Dash Called "RoseDemon" It's a Woman Who Plays On a PC.
  • My Birthday is December 12
  • I Make Arts Of Among us Logic From an Anime Called "Sailor Moon" Which I Liked To Do That Way.

About me :3




My Avatar :)

My Halloween and Christmas Costumes

Animated (By Me lmao)

Fan Made =)

Me In Gacha Life And Gacha Club