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This was and should be pretty clear on this wiki, we don't want or need hate. First of all, stop the hate (especially on FNFL). Most of the people in this wiki don't like FNFL, but enough is enough. We get people have opinions but don't take them too far; respect others. Try to make this wiki more positive and simply move past FNF (wasting time by ranting on it at least).

We also want to make it clear that insulting is never okay. It doesn't matter who you are doing it to or even talk about them. Don't be a violator to combat violators. Don't feed the trolls or give them attention (that's what they want). And don't think yours actions outside this wiki won't affect you inside this wiki.

We want a safe and fun place; it's wiser to move past the past. You are responsible for your actions. Furthermore, being engaged and condoning anything like communities, wikis, or actions built on hate (such as AUL Adventures itself or vandalizing the Paw Patrol Wiki) will not be tolerated.

Make sure to read our Wiki Policies carefully, especially if you haven't. Have a great day!


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So you've came to my user page ! Well welcome :D

Edwin is the main protagonist of Edwin Horizon, A Tritagonist in They are Among Us, and A competitor in Pedram Beatbox Battles. He is currently living in Prinevillie with his Best Friend and Roommate Evan. He is a beatboxer/animator. In Pedram Beatbox Battles. He won against Starla, Courage, Spongebob, Whitty, And Tricky. In They are Among Us. He is known as the greatest impostor who ever lived. He is red, two top hats, and the captain’s skin.

Beeg Edwin is the second mascot and a main character of Edwin Horizon. He is a squishy form of Edwin and is seen as a cameo in many of Edwin’s Project. He is based off of if Edwin had his very own squish mellow that would be what he would look like. In Edwin Horizon. Edwin and Evan find him and take him home. We see he is very into sweets as in Welcome to Prineville and The Search For Benny Beagle. As he has a fued with The Ice Cream/Cotton Candy Man. He also Made a Cameo In Spongebob vs Edwin Pedram Beatbox Battles as a backup singer.

Evan is the main deuteragonist of Edwin Horizon. He moves into Prinevillie with Edwin. He helps out Edwin when he needs to and can be quite calm. In Evan Noir, He showed us his more serious side by thinking Ariel was getting married. He is Edwin’s Sidekick and has an obsession with Turtles. In Friday Night Funkin’ While he tries to rap battle BF, At the same time is trying to defeat Shadow Edwin with Edwin and Beeg Edwin.

Shadow Edwin is the main antagonist of Edwin Horizon. He was created in a lab by Linsey, Who has taken the form of a man who was moving in the city and can be powerful. There’s only one person who can stop him, With the Ball of Energy, Edwin can unleash his god like powers to defeat the ink beast once and for all.

Favorite Games

  1. Friday Night Funkin’ - This game is awesome! The characters, the mods, the community. It’s awesome. My favorite mod is Vs. Sonic.Exe, Minus, Hellbeats, and Mario Madness
  2. Among Us - I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Among Us.
  3. Super Mario 64 - I grew up with Mario and I love the games.
  4. Roblox - I love the games.