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About me

Hi, my name is FallSonicBot and I have 14 years old. I like to paint and edir images, you can ask me for anything to edit and i will finish it in less than 24 hours, maybe less than 15 jaja, but only if I have nothing to do. I have a pet named Chao, don't think bad of him, he's a little angel, literally.

Background story

I was a 5 year old boy, I still had no cyborg parts, I played with my parents like a happy family... Until my parents decided to take me on a field trip to a Polus planet. I was very excited, but when we arrived some of the crewmates started to go crazy and saying that there was a murderer on the loose, one of them was my father who was a scientist who worked in the specimen room, I did not understand what they were saying. My mom took me to the ship trying to see if it would turn on but it did not work, apparently the murderer had broken it, she fastened me on one of the seats of the ship and ran away, I was very scared. And as soon as I saw the murderer standing in the distance with a knife in front of my mother, I tried to get out of the chair and with great force I managed to unbutton myself, I ran, but it was late, the murderer threw my mother into the lava pit. And I, full of tears, threw myself on top of the murderer and we both fell into the lava but I was able to survive thanks to the fact that my dad arrived with a drone and was able to hold me, but unfortunately half of my body came out because I had barely touched the lava. My dad put robot parts where they were missing, and they were able to repair the ship and take us back. He continued to take care of me and we became a happy family again but we could never forget my mother and the sacrifice she made for me.


December 3, 2006


Not Lime Animator

He is a very good editor and contributor to this wiki. He is very kind, thoughtful and a good artist. And he made me like a Novisor, I thank him.


She is a very good person and a great friend. He made me like a Gacha Club character, I still can't believe how amazing that looks.


He has a great mind if it comes to creating a comic, he helped me a lot with my comic Among Us Heroes, gave a very interesting role to many characters. He also made a mod of me.

Mini The Gentleman

I get along very well with him, he is very kind and very cute :3 I gave him some gifts on his birthday. And on YouTube we are both subscribed to each other's channel.


We are good friends, I convinced him not to leave the wiki. And the axolotls are cute :3

File Katalin

She made beautiful pictures of her family with mine, and we get along very well, our mini crewmates play together.


The rest of the contributors and of the wiki

They make this wiki grow more and more. They are very good friends and I love the way they draw and edit. They are very cool, and I was delighted to meet them.



She was and will continue to be the worst user of this wiki, she broke several of the rules, such as creating multiple accounts or doing drama. Be careful because she may revert to alternate account and manipulate you.

Windows Helper

He blocked our administrator and founder of this wiki Angrybirdsfan6, unforgivable thing!

My favorite characters

  1. Wizard 🥇
  2. Baggy 🥈
  3. Player 🥉
  4. BDay
  5. Captain

My least favorite characters

  1. Ms Pink 💥
  2. Qwerty
  3. Not Orange
  4. Asdf
  5. Greaser

My favorite episodes

  1. Among Us Logic: The Last Crewmate 🥇
  2. Among Us Logic: But The Imposter Changes Colors... 🥈
  3. Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival 🥉
  4. Among Us Logic 11
  5. Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod

My least favorite episodes

  1. Among Us Logic 12 💥
  2. Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter...
  3. Among Us Logic 16
  4. Among Us Logic: Cheaters Lobby
  5. Among Us Logic 4

My favorite games list

  1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: It's what freed me from depression in mid-quarantine. This game made me very happy, although it is no longer famous I continue to play it with pride and joy.
  2. Among Us: I think you already know why, this game is a marvel in 2D. Despite its updates, this game manages to make me happy whenever it can. I love this series of Among Us Logic, and I love to choose characters from that and play like that.
  3. Sonic Adventure DX: This version of that Sonic game, Sonic Adventure, is a wonderful story and adventure game that I 100% recommend. In addition to its songs, its maps and its characters, it has a collection of original Sonic mini-games! This was the first game I played that filled me with tremendous happiness, it brings me a lot of nostalgia.
  4. Friday Night Funkin': I love this game for its songs and its characters, those are 10/10. I also adore its mods, my favorite mod is Friday Night Funkin 'Logic and my favorite week is 5.
  5. Minecraft: It is a great game, I love its creative, survival, hardcore, and adventure modes, I prefer the creative one to build beautiful and dream houses. But the reason I put it in this position is that it bores me a bit, and the sounds make me want to sleep. But other than that this game is one of the best there is.

My favorite foods list

  1. Patties: It is not meat for hamburgers, it is a very common food in my country. It is dough filled with the richest food! Like chicken, meat, ham and cheese, those are just a few.
  2. Pizza: You know why, this is one of the best foods out there. I love the melted cheese stretching and the taste of tomato sauce, it's a dream.
  3. Breaded: Another common food in my country, if you tried it you will know why I love it. It is very crunchy and delicious, I love to accompany it with french fries or mashed potatoes
  4. Burgers: Patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, bacon, It is one of the best foods I could try, my favorites are grilled or from McDonalds. once I dropped the soda on it and it was still good XD.
  5. Fried chicken: It is very crunchy and delicious but I can hardly ever eat it, my father always cooks chicken, but never fried, I want to be able to eat sometime but the last time I could try it is like 2019 and before that like 2015 -_-

My favorite TV shows list

  1. Henry Danger: Henry Hart, is a 13-year-old teenager who gets a part-time job as Kid Danger, the sidekick of the superhero Captain Man / Ray Manchester. (On Nickelodeon).
  2. The Loud House: The story is about the daily life of Lincoln Loud, a boy who lives together with 10 sisters, in the fictional town of Royal Woods. (On Nickelodeon).
  3. Total Drama: All contestants have distinct personalities that serve as the main plot point with the consistent characters in the eponymous reality series and the contestants in it. The style is similar to that of Survivor, Fear Factor, and The Amazing Race. (On Cartoon Network previously, all episodes on Youtube).
  4. Adventure Time: The series follows the adventures of Finn, a boy (he grows with the series from 12 at the beginning to 17 to the present), and Jake, a dog with magical powers with which he can change shape, grow and shrink at will. , who inhabit the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Throughout the series they interact with the other main characters of the series: Princess Bubblegum, Ice King and Marceline the queen of vampires. (On Cartoon Network previously, season 5 on Netflix).
  5. Long Live The Royals: Long Live the Royals follows a British fiction of the Royal Family: King Rufus and Queen Eleanor, their children Rosalind, Peter and Alex. How they honor the annual Easter Hare Day festival. The family must fight to rule their kingdom and maintain a normal family at the same time. Meanwhile, the festival continues with the parties and festivals that comprise it. (On Cartoon Network previously) (Only four episodes).


Fan made