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This was and should be pretty clear on this wiki, we don't want or need hate. First of all, stop the hate (especially on FNFL). Most of the people in this wiki don't like FNFL, but enough is enough. We get people have opinions but don't take them too far; respect others. Try to make this wiki more positive and simply move past FNF (wasting time by ranting on it at least).

We also want to make it clear that insulting is never okay. It doesn't matter who you are doing it to or even talk about them. Don't be a violator to combat violators. Don't feed the trolls or give them attention (that's what they want). And don't think yours actions outside this wiki won't affect you inside this wiki.

We want a safe and fun place; it's wiser to move past the past. You are responsible for your actions. Furthermore, being engaged and condoning anything like communities, wikis, or actions built on hate (such as AUL Adventures itself or vandalizing the Paw Patrol Wiki) will not be tolerated.

Make sure to read our Wiki Policies carefully, especially if you haven't. Have a great day!



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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 24 September 2021

Wiki News 17

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Latest news
    • 2.1 Upcoming Q&A post
    • 2.2 The Wiki's server is now complete and is currently in testing!
    • 2.3 Wiki Timeline!
  • 3 End

Hey everyone, welcome to Wiki News! Since I'm terrible with intros, let's get right in to the news we have today:

On September 28 there will be a Q&A post, where you can ask questions about the admins in this Wiki!

Note: Do not ask for personal information please.

The AUL wiki server is now completed, but I am getting all the admins in it first before the link gets revealed to the public.

The wiki has a Timeline page in progress! It will be detailing the full history of the wiki. You can learn about the wiki's history and events that you never heard of before!

Bye everyone! See you in Wiki News 18!!

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 6 August 2021

Wiki News 16

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Updating the wiki to Fandom Desktop (Sadly....)
  • 3 Admin application forms for the Fanon wiki coming soon!
  • 4 End

Hey everyone! welcome to the latest Wiki News blog post! Lets go over the latest news in the wiki:

Despite how much people hate Fandom Desktop, Fandom Desktop will be the new look and feel for FANDOM for possibly a decade or 2. So the wiki has updated its look to match Fandom Desktop, in preparation for Fandom Desktop taking over.

(As much as I hate to do this, FANDOM is getting rid of Oasis so I have no choice but to do it)

The Fanon wiki is in a REALLY bad state at the it is pretty much dying. Why? Because the wiki is becoming a toxic wasteland that's why. If you were on the wiki you've probably seen some low effort…

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 21 June 2021

Wiki News 15

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 There is going to be a sub reddit for this wiki!
  • 3 A discord server is coming! (For real this time!!!)
  • 4 New admin application form for 2022!
  • 5 End

Hey everyone! And welcome to a new wiki news! So, here are the announcements:

Yup, the AUL wiki subreddit is currently in the works!

Here is the link (Its a W.I.P so you cant post in it):

Sooooo the original AUL discord server was never meant to be released soooo it was deleted. But the REAL AUL wiki discord server is coming soon!

The form is being worked on right now! It will open on April 24 of next year!

Bye everyone and have a nice summer!

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 29 April 2021

Wiki News 14

Hey everyone! so we did not do a Wiki News blog post for a while but here go!

  • 1 Angrybirdsfan9 is NOT me
  • 2 Updated the rules!
  • 3 Admin application form closes next week!
  • 4 No more Glitchtale stuff
  • 5 End

If you don't know this person has been impersonating me, and has been vandalizing pages along with confusing others. As such, all of there posts are deleted.

The Wiki Policies have been updated, please read them here:

Wiki Policies

The admin application form will not be accepting responses next week!

Soo apply while you can!


A user has been spamming Glitchtale related stuff, just note that this wiki is about Among us logic and its sister shows. We don't want glitchtale in our wiki, especially since that is an 13+ ser…

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Angrybirdsfan6 Angrybirdsfan6 14 April 2021

Admins applications!

Due to this wiki having an lack of moderation, I decided to open up admin applications for those who are interested!

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