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Among Us Logic Wiki


This History presents with a Princess and Unicorn and a Blue Prince Bird and a Red Frog.


The story begins with a pink princess and her friends in a place called magical paradise at a table eating

pink princess: wow i love this food

purple princess: me too

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah I guess it's delicious.

Twilight was actually eating a chocolate cake and the pink princess and the purple one were eating ice cream.

blue prince bird: I am quietly eating my seeds

But then a wind came up and the sky darkened with clouds almost dark gray

Twilight Sparkle: God, since when did the sky darken and why is there wind and why are there clouds?

Pink Princess: Is it true that it will be happening?

and a girl appeared who was evil

Ghost of Evil: I guess you know me, right?

Purple princess: you again? *gets angry* I opened you expelled like 2 years ago from this place and why did you come back?

Ghost of Evil: Well I guess I came back here to avenge you.

Ghost of evil: *casts a spell on the pink princess so that she falls asleep and doesn't wake up*

Pink Princess: ahhh...... *falls asleep*

Twilight Sparkle: HOW DARE YOU?!?!

Evil ghost: I guess I cast a sweet dream spell on him and now he won't wake up

Twilight Sparkle: Let's fight right now Dark Ghost!!!

Ghost of evil: fine as you say stupid

Purple princess: fight as much as you can Twilight I will try to wake up the pink princess

Twilight Sparkle: okay

and in that enonses twilight and the ghost of evil began to fight throwing magic and then twilight could not resist the force of that dark magic

Twilight Sparkle: I can't.............. *falls*

Ghost of evil: I think you're useless hahahahahaha........

and twilight went to the house to find the pink princess in her room and the purple princess and the pink princess couldn't wake up

Twilight Sparkle: please, pink princess, wake up, the ghost girl is attacking us horrible, her magic is very powerful and strong!!!!

Twilight Sparkle: why don't you wake up??

Twilight Sparkle: *Gets sad* w-w-w-why don't you wake up

Twilight Sparkle: No..............

Twilight Sparkle: *starts crying*

3 seconds later the pink princess managed to wake up and twilight saw her

Twilight Sparkle: Huh? pink princess is that you? you woke up? I can not believe it

pink princess: yes... i just woke up someone cast me a spell of sweet dreams

purple princess: we have a problem and you have to help us you know Ghost of evil she is attacking everything She came back here to take revenge

pink princess: what?!?! I know her and I hate her

Twilight Sparkle: And her magic is stronger than mine.

pink princess: god and.... what happened to the red frog and the blue prince bird?

purple princess: oh no i guess the evil ghost has them


The princesses and twilight sparkle start to see the window

Red frog and the blue prince bird: HELP US!!!!

pink princess: poor things we have to help them right now

then the pink and purple princess and twilight are preparing everything to attack and wean the evil ghost and I think they are already prepared

pink princess: I guess we're ready, so save them

At that time they began to fight with the evil ghost with powerful powers that the protagonists had (they are the pink and purple princess and twilight) and finally the pink princess banned the evil ghost from magical paradise


and so they finally saved the red frog and the blue prince bird and then thanks to the female leads the pink and purple princess and twilight saved the world and everyone lived happily ever after The end.


Pink Princess.

Purple Princess

Unicorn With A Purple Horn (Named Twilight Sparkle duh).

Blue Prince Bird.

Red Frog.

The Evil Girl.