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This was and should be pretty clear on this wiki, we don't want or need hate. First of all, stop the hate (especially on FNFL). Most of the people in this wiki don't like FNFL, but enough is enough. We get people have opinions but don't take them too far; respect others. Try to make this wiki more positive and simply move past FNF (wasting time by ranting on it at least).

We also want to make it clear that insulting is never okay. It doesn't matter who you are doing it to or even talk about them. Don't be a violator to combat violators. Don't feed the trolls or give them attention (that's what they want). And don't think yours actions outside this wiki won't affect you inside this wiki.

We want a safe and fun place; it's wiser to move past the past. You are responsible for your actions. Furthermore, being engaged and condoning anything like communities, wikis, or actions built on hate (such as AUL Adventures itself or vandalizing the Paw Patrol Wiki) will not be tolerated.

Make sure to read our Wiki Policies carefully, especially if you haven't. Have a great day!


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Ngiganti Ngiganti 30 August 2021

Why I hate the new AUL episode

  1. The characters were really stupid throughout the episode such as them forgetting Player's name and literally believed Wizard that the the impostor was The Gentleman.
  2. I found that episode boring to watch
  3. Wizard and Arnold has cheated as the impostors because at one point, 3 crewmates died in less than 10 seconds and only 2 crewmates can die in ten seconds.
  4. When Wizard and Arnold were killing crewmates, they used killing that is not in the game like Wizard used magic to kill crewmates and Arnold was punched the crewmates to death. The five ways a crewmate can die is getting stabbed with a knife, getting shot with a gun, having your neck get snapped, getting slain by an impostor tongue, getting shot by an eye laser (only RHM skin)
  5. Not having the …
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Ngiganti Ngiganti 21 August 2021

Why I hate Mr Cheese too much

  1. He is overrated
  2. He is a jerk
  3. He is bratty
  4. He says his name OVER AND OVER again

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 31 July 2021

Tier list

Disclaimer: Do NOT complain or say that you hate a character I like or I hate a character that you like. If you do this I will be pretty mad at you.

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 30 July 2021

Who is the first person you caught breaking a rule

If you have not caught anyone skip this blog

The first user I caught was a underaged (this was a 10 year old) by the name of MuppetsFan2010

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Ngiganti Ngiganti 21 July 2021

Which user Besides Starla do you dislike

I dislike Windows helper for making fun of Canadians like our founder.

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