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Like everyone calls me Veteran 'cause I have a gruff voice and lots of video game experience."

— Veteran, Among Us Logic 7


Veteran is one of the tritagonists, along with TheGentleman in the Among Us Logic series. He is a gruff-voiced gamer who met Player through Fall Guys which is depicted in Fall Guys Logic. Veteran is, ironically, a rookie to Among Us and initially had trouble playing the game, though he becomes more experienced and competent afterwards. Veteran made his first appearance in Among Us Logic 3, appearing in every subsequent episode except Among Us Logic 17 and 28.


He becomes far more skilled in the game later in the series, though he still remains ignorant and eccentric. Veteran is somewhat gruff and asocial, and generally sticks around people he is comfortable with, such as Player. Veteran is a loyal friend, often making sacrifices to help Player achieve victory in a game of Among Us. Veteran is a self-proclaimed "creature of habit".

Veteran also has a childish streak, as seen on a few occasions. He visits a children's therapist (for his short-term memory loss issues, or "the forgetsies" as he calls them) and is excited to get a toy at each visit. He spends most of his time video gaming and is implied to still live with his mother.




Player and Veteran's friendship has lasted longer than their adventures in Among Us Logic. It started in GameToon's other series Fall Guys Logic. Veteran and Player are currently best friends. it could be said, that their relationship with each other as old as Gametoons itself. Even if Player isn't playing Among Us, an alternate entity would manifest itself to a Veteran-esque character to give player A little piece of his friend.


Veteran thinks Greaser is really hip and cool, not knowing the truth in Among Us Logic 4 and wants to stay with him when Player shoots him. However, Player drags him away not wanting to cause suspicion.

Engineer and Gnome

Engineer, Gnome and Veteran go Frisbee golfing (frolfing) on the weekends. Gnome and Engineer also consider him a brother or something like a close friend. Gnome also cried after finding out Veteran is dead in Episode 34, proving that she cares about him.


Captain (Turning into a friend)

They used to constantly debate over who's Player's best friend. However, in Episode 34, they hate Player and called Player "Playman" since Player always play Friday Night Funkin' and forget about them.

Mr. Cheese (Turning into a friend)

Veteran called him a jerk ever since he started winning all the time and said that he sucks in Among Us Logic 12. However, they won together as impostors in "Hacking Security Cams!" and in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter... Veteran likes Mr. Cheese's restaurant.

But Veteran was slightly intimidated when Mr. Cheese got the color yellow in Among Us Logic: Revive The Dead!, but he got over it pretty quickly. They are usually on good terms with each other, such as when Mr. Cheese said to him, "Anything for my favorite customer!"

On the other hand, in Episode 23, Mr. Cheese is not fond of Veteran making fun of TheGentleman's cyborg outfit.

TheGentleman (Turning into a friend)

He was very angered when TheGentleman called him a specimen in episode 3. He also criticized TheGentleman's cyborg outfit in Among Us Logic : Airship Arrival. However he seems to enjoy his "relationship drama" (as Veteran calls it) with Mr. Cheese as shown in Among Us Logic 7 and Among Us Logic : Daycare.



In Among Us Logic 5, her son Franklin killed him. In Among Us Logic 10, Veteran said, “Those mini crewmates freak me out!”

Not Orange

He is forced to use green color when Not Orange uses Mr. Cheese's orange colour, which causes Mr. Cheese to use yellow, his original color. Veteran thought that his name was confusing as shown in the beginning of Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! and Not Orange and Blue got him voted out.


He was the reason that Noob and Player broke up. He also got mad at how Noob is bragging that she is better than him (although technically she is).


No-Visor, or Aiden, trapped Veteran and Player in the game in Episode 18.

Mr. Egg (possibly)

Veteran tried to eat him in Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter. Veteran is seen putting pepper on Mr. Egg, smearing him in butter, and trying to roast him over a fire, which was only acknowledged by Gnome, although everyone still alive was present at the meeting.


Veteran accidentally shot him with an AK-47 in The Revenge of Novisor. In return, No-Visor Stoner dragged him to become a ghost as well.

Wizard and Arnold

Wizard killed him at Episode 34, which is why Gnome cried after reporting his body and accused Arnold killed him. He also mentioned that Arnold's banana color is dangerously close to his majestic mustard yellow.


He killed Veteran at Electrical in Episode 29.


Song Appearances


Episode Reason
Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead! Framed for stack-killing.
Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor To escape from Novisor.


Total kills: 9

Character Episode Place of death
TheGentleman Among Us Logic 4 Skeld, Lower Engine
Mr. Egg
Bro Among Us Logic 10 Polus, Boiler Room
Mr. Cheese Polus, Communications
Among Us Logic 16 MIRA HQ, Locker Room
B-Day MIRA HQ, room unspecified
TheGentleman MIRA HQ, Balcony
Stoner Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor The Airship, Armory
Player Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter... The Airship, Cargo Bay
Among Us Logic: The God Imposter The Airship, Vault


  1. Among Us Logic 3 (prologue match); Stabbed repeatedly by Gnome.
  2. Among Us Logic 3 (main match); Stabbed repeatedly by TheGentleman.
  3. Among Us Logic 5; Stabbed repeatedly by Franklin.
  4. Among Us Logic 6; Beaten with an axe by Mr. Cheese.
  5. Among Us Logic 8; Sliced into half by Mr. Egg.
  6. Among Us Logic 9; Shot with a pistol by Mr. Cheese.
  7. Among Us Logic 10; Shot with a laser by TheGentlebot.
  8. Among Us Logic 12; Sliced into half by Ninja.
  9. Among Us Logic 13: Revive The Dead!; (dead, unknown if ejected or killed)
  10. Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!; Pushed to be electrocuted by the Reactor’s generator by Captain and Dum.
  11. Among Us Logic: The King Imposter; Had the neck snapped by Mr. Cheese.
  12. Among Us Logic: Dragon Mod; Incinerated with a fire breath by Stoner.
  13. Among Us Logic: The Revenge of Novisor; Killed by Stoner (as a No-Visor) (cause of death unknown).
  14. Among Us Logic: Daycare; Killed by Timmy (cause of death unknown).
  15. Among Us Logic: Monster School; Eaten alive by the pets.
  16. Among Us Logic, But The Imposter Changes Colors...; Stabbed with a knife by Player.
  17. Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Works Out; Turned into flames by Wizard.


  • As of episode 34, Veteran is tied with TheGentleman for third most amount of appearances. They are behind Captain and Mr. Cheese in second place; and Player, who has appeared in every episode.
  • He is very good at Fall Guys, the only minigame he struggles in is “Perfect Match”.
  • His hat is a crown, most likely since he is a champion player at fall guys.
  • In Among Us Logic 9 he says that yellow is his favorite color. Ironically, in the Fall Guys Logic series, he was very vocal about his hatred for the Yellow Team.
  • According to him, he has the name Veteran because of his gaming experience (in Fall Guys, that is) and his "deep, gruff-sounding" voice.
  • In Among Us Logic 11, his hat changed to a yellow halo, like Angel, so both Player and Captain mistook him to be Angel.
  • Veteran sucks at singing (as shown in Among Us Logic 11), which made everyone leave the game as soon as Player warned them.
  • In Among Us Logic 13 his color had been changed to Green since Mr. Cheese had the yellow color.
  • In the end of Among Us Logic 14, when Player joins back into the normal lobby, Veteran is seen wearing the orange color and the present hat, looking identical to Mr. Egg's Christmas costume, “Mr. Present".
  • In Among Us Logic 15, he, along with Engineer, Mr. Egg, Toto, Franklin, Timmy and Mr. Cheese were all turned into Zombies.
  • In Among Us Logic 16, he temporarily wears a pair of sneakers for a gag, as a reference to the “Among Drip” meme.
  • In Minecraft Logic, There is a character named Eric who Player renamed to “Veterham” as a nod to Veteran. This implies that Veteran's real name might be Eric.
  • He killed TheGentleman right after Noob's ejection, when there should've been a kill cooldown. This may be the reason why Veteran was not in Among Us Logic 17. He might have been sent to the Cheater's Lobby and escaped soon after.
  • Veteran is the 3rd character to be shown with a mouth.
  • The Sparta King Veteran is a reference to 300: Rise of the Empire.
  • In episode 9, his crown was taken off for a bit. But, in episode 19, his crown had a bone in it, implying it’s a part of his body.


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