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We also want to make it clear that insulting is never okay. It doesn't matter who you are doing it to or even talk about them. Don't be a violator to combat violators. Don't feed the trolls or give them attention (that's what they want). And don't think yours actions outside this wiki won't affect you inside this wiki.

We want a safe and fun place; it's wiser to move past the past. You are responsible for your actions. Furthermore, being engaged and condoning anything like communities, wikis, or actions built on hate (such as AUL Adventures itself or vandalizing the Paw Patrol Wiki) will not be tolerated.

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Welcome to the Wiki Timeline, <insert name here>! Note that this page is in progress and help would be very appreciated. It will be detailing the full history of the wiki. You can learn about the wiki's history and events that you never heard of before!

PLEASE EDIT and update whenever possible. We can't do this alone :)

Beginnings (2020)

It all started with the animated parody called "Among Us Logic (series)" being first released by GameToons after Fall Guys Logic on September 20, 2020. This of course would lead someone to make a wiki about it. Angrybirdsfan6 would be the one to go on to created the Fandom "Among Us Logic Wiki".

History with GameToons Wiki

Although the AUL Wiki was founded in October 28, 2020, the URL/wiki "GameToons-Among-Us" would be created by Mastersleepy on October 23, 2020‎, which later moved to "GameToons Wiki". This would soon create a dilemma, but not for long. On January 23, 2021, Mastersleepy announced[1] that they got two wiki partners: Among Us Logic Wiki and the NewScapePro Wiki.

On November 27, 2020, Angrybirdsfan6 posted a note[2] on GameToons-Among-Us Discussions saying that there was already an Among us Logic Wiki (this one). There was discussion on who was the official one and Karlabiano agreed since GameToons-Among-Us was older, it was the rightful heir. But the two founders decided to stay with their wikis and continue.

So later, Mastersleepy posted[3] that he was having doubts again on December 8, 2020 about renaming it to Among Us Logic Wiki. Tumb Guy replied with "IDK, it's up to you." Eventually, they mostly agreed there was no point keeping it as GameToons-Among-Us Wiki since they were doing pages on Fall Guys Logic and soon Minecraft Logic. On December 15, 2020, Mastersleepy posted a "Big Announcement that will change the wiki"[4] stating that he had thought about renaming their Fandom to GameToons Wiki and was waiting for a majority consensus, or else this wiki might attract "unwanted hate". He also says "I also know there is another Among Us Logic Wiki, and I don't want to start a war with them about having the same topic." The voting closed on 18 December, 2020.

The wikis went their ways and Angrybirdsfan6's Wiki soon officially inherited the Among Us Logic Wiki term. Although one would assume a wiki about a whole channel would do better and be bigger than a wiki based on just a byproduct series it made, it would be the AUL Wiki that would grow exponentially. It's not known exactly yet when the move happened but way later, on June 6, 2021, Haydragon161 would move the Main GameToons Among Us Wiki page to GameToons Wiki.[5]

First Events on AUL

On October 28, 2020 (same date of it's establishment), Angrybirdsfan6 happily posted the first posts "new wiki!!!" [6] and "I own this wiki"[7].

Up till the first admin would be promoted, mainly there was Temp files and some Among Us Logic Cartoon Animations videos being uploaded, along with a few character pages created (including the Wiki navigation[8] with just two drop-down options: Wiki Content and Community). Quite some contributions were also made by non-logged IP users too. Over the course of the end of the year, tons more Character and music pages, files, screenshots, videos, etc. were created too. Templates were mainly starting too. On December 13, 2020, a very big change happened, Achievements badges were added, which means Achievements Leaderboard was available! This feature installed 5.46 months before the GameToons Wiki did. The first blog post was released by Entyeet on December 19, 2020 about their opinion on the wiki. The next one was the very founder himself on the day before Christmas 2020 announcing the updated rules (policies) and a wiki Twitter. It was the beginning of Wiki News.

The rest is history.

First Admins

Since Angrybirdsfan6 founded the wiki, obviously he had bureaucrat powers. So what he would do and who he gave power to is vital. The first group membership change was DagestanMappingYT getting promoted to admin on Halloween. Karlabiano received adminship with the reason "just wanted to". Almost 2 weeks later (13 days), FriendlyGrim became an administrator with the reason "well".[9] On December 6, 2020, Angrybirdsfan6 removed DagestanMappingYT's admin rights because they barely did anything. The first user blocked was EVVYTHINGISSTUPID by Angrybirdsfan6 on December 29, 2020 for vandalizing pages.[10]

Winter 2021

It was a new decade, and we are guessing hopes were still high on the 2 month old wiki.

Windows95 helper

On January 12, 2021 Angrybirdsfan6 made a user named Windows95 helper (who joined on January 6) a bureaucrat. He actually helped quite a lot. By now, nearly fourteen Among Us Logic episodes had already been released. Then there was a big twist. It appears his behavior was degrading and started to make alts. (Even though the account was closed, it still technically had bureaucrat and administrator labels. This was true until @Hiandrew brought it up to Fandom on September 28, 2021 and Kimberton (a Fandom Staff) then changed the Windows account group membership since it was indeed a globally disabled account.)

Windows98 helper

On January 21-23, 2021, an account called "Windows98 helper" had joined the Among Us Logic wiki and wanted admin, but he started spamming, saying death threats, self-promoting, being rude and being toxic. So he was blocked in the Among Us Logic wiki but a few days later, he joined the Among Us Logic Fanon wiki. He started doing bad things like being even more toxic, self-promoting, spamming, swearing at people, saying hateful things and begging for admin.[11] He also even made a page about communism, and started promoting racism against Canadians in Angrybirdsfan6's message wall, etc.[12] Windows98 helper said that he would tell Tumb Guy to hack Angrybirdsfan6, but Angrybirdsfan6 had blocked Windows98 helper and he was gone for now. But this was far from over.

WindowsME helper

Yet another Windows helper has joined the party this time this guy was the last racist on this account he said he likes Battle for Dream Island and created the windows helpers Wiki. Everything was okay for him until his account was disabled and banned.

K. William Scott

On January 25, 2021, a user called K. William Scott was created. He made a post on the wiki saying he is one of the staff members of GameToons so Angrybirdsfan6 gave him the bureaucrat role thinking he was the real K. William Scott. But moments later, all the admins were banned from the wiki by K. William Scott (who was actually Tumb Guy impersonating him). He also gave Tumb Guy and Redhasheat tons of special rights power, which Tumb Guy went on and did his own destruction but Redhasheat was just a supporter). After this, the account didn't do anything else.

Tumb Guy

Even though his profile page and contributions say he first edited on January 25, 2021, there's logs that show he existed as early as January 7, 2021[13] but it seems the edits or proof was deleted. On that same day, Angrybirdsfan blocked him for the reason that he "broke a lot of rules". Then on January 19, 2021, an account called TumbGuyIsTumbGuy was created. He contacted Angrybirdsfan and said that it was his brother who broke the rules, claiming that it was just an misunderstanding.[14] Angrybirdsfan agreed to unban him just once and if he spammed again, then he would get banned again.

He wouldn't make another move until he created the impersonating account K. William Scott, tricking Angrybirdsfan into giving it bureaucrat (because he thought it was the real) which then in turn, with Tumb Guy, gave each other lots of special rights. And they not only blocked some users but the admins too. In panic, Angrybirdsfan6 contacted FANDOM to undo all the damage Tumb Guy caused, and it ended with Tumb Guy being officially banned from the wiki.


On February 2, 2021, Thresher had joined the AUL wiki under the identity "" and he was a normal user at that time. Then he "lost" his info to his account and became "Thresher, Knight of Crewmates" and started vandalizing the AUL Fanon wiki. Not Lime and ForteGreen The Pro Impostor said they hated him. This whole Thresher war would go on for more than half a year. Then he started making trash pages and soon he became "Ultimate Thresher, Saviour of Among Us", doing the same thing. Next he became "AULF Sire Sirol" and made an episode called "Among Us Logic Fanon 78: Roasted Dog Meat" which made Dennythedog very angry, but he was banned. Then Thresher became "The Original Shield of Light!" and became a bureaucrat and sysop in the GameToons Fanon wiki and he banned Denny. He had an argument in his block log with NathanGamer1993 (aka Windows helper), and they kept on blocking each other until The Original Shield of Light gave up and then Thresher became 123lifejacket.

He started vandalizing the AUL Fanon wiki once again and said that he wasn't Thresher's alt, but a few days later the 123lifejacket account was disabled and he returned as "MechaSharkjiraFan2273". Not only did he vandalize the AUL Fanon wiki again but he attacked The Legendary Tales of Among Us wiki too, but Not Lime told Minty to report his account to FriendlyGrim in the AUL Fanon wiki and MechaSharkjiraFan2273 was blocked. But then MechaSharkjiraFan2273 messaged Angrybirdsfan6 in Community Central and claimed to not be Thresher's alt and he was unblocked, and then just going off to start doing a bit of vandalism again and in the GameToons wiki.

He asked Angrybirdsfan6 to give him sysop and bureaucrat and he started banning DrVoidMatter multiple times. Not long after, Not Lime asked Angrybirdsfan6 to remove sysop and bureaucrat from Thresher on Discord. But when DrVoidMatter tried to dib MechaSharkjiraFan2273's characters, he got banned by MechaSharkjiraFan2273 again. Then Thresher made another account called "Thresher, the Risen Knight" and he got promoted to sysop and bureaucrat on his account. He got sysop removed by Angrybirdsfan6 but Thresher used his bureaucrat powers to give himself sysop back and he started doing bad stuff again until his accounts were both banned and it seemed to be finally over. Thresher returned as "The Electric Eel 2021" and started vandalizing the AUL fanon wiki again and claimed that he was Thresher's brother, but still got blocked by R12340987565656556565566565 and then Thresher returned as "The Blue Ringed Octopus 2021" and used the brother excuse.

He got blocked too until he went to They are Among Us wiki and claimed to be Thresher's brother there but also got blocked there. He returned as "The Original Franklin from AUL!" and he claimed to be Thresher's sister in The Legendary Tales of Among Us wiki but was blocked by Nuhhun-fduser, the second. He said that he was Thresher's sister in the Among Us Logic wiki but still got blocked by PolyDev. Then The Original Franklin from AUL went to the AUL fanon wiki and started being annoying yet didn't vandalize any pages, although there was a little bit of vandalism to Mini TheGentleman's page. He was blocked by Dennythedog this time. Thresher had returned once again as "Officer Peter from AULF" and he randomly messaged DrVoidMatter in the Among Us Logic fanon wiki and asked him to add in his officer characters to AULF episodes, so DrVoidMatter agreed and a few days later the wiki called "Among Us Logic Adventures wiki" was created by PomPalmGD, The Amogus 2021, DrVoidMatter and Officer Peter from AULF. They contributed to hate pages on the wiki and Pix96 (including 1 or 2 others) found out about it, so they reported them all to Community Central.

At this time DrVoidMatter did not suspect that Officer Peter was Thresher. The Among Us Logic Adventures wiki was closed and then Officer Peter claimed to be friends with Thresher and The Electric Eel 2021. When DrVoidMatter's account was globally blocked, he stole DrVoidMatter's characters and gave some of them to The Electric Eel 2021. But DrVoidMatter used his alt to tell him to give him his characters back, but Officer Peter refused and was blocked on the AUL fanon wiki. DrVoidMatter's alt was globally blocked too. A few days later, DrVoidMatter had reported Thresher's alts (The Electric Eel 2021, The Blue Ringed Octopus 2021, The Original Franklin from AUL, Officer Peter from AUL, the 2nd and Officer Geraint, Chief of AUL Police) to Fandom and they had all been globally blocked.

Spring 2021


On March 25, 2021, a vandalizer called LapisLazuli, vandalized many pages i.e. changed Mr. Cheese page to Wiki Talk:S*X and removed thousands of characters of many pages. Even though admins blocked him, he made many more accounts and overall did lots of damage to the wiki (including some of the GameToons wiki too). Angrybirdsfan even wanted to close the wiki because of him. Finally, a ban bot comes and banned all of his accounts and the war ends.

Summer 2021

Not Lime

On June 13th, Not Lime disabled his old account because he had to focus on studying. Also because his dad thinks he's "addicted to his phone." It was a sad moment for the users because Not Lime was an admin and he stopped most of the conflicts stated here.

Autumn 2021


So a month after the WindowsME helper account was disabled, the Nathangamer1993 account was created but nobody knew he was WindowsME helper, so he created the Partyball wiki which was a wiki for their political parties, then on June 9th, Nathangamer was given bureaucrat by The Original Shield of Light in the GameToons Fanon wiki and then they started having an arguement in their block logs by blocking each other multiple times, then and Nathangamer1993 was given admin by Angrybirdsfan6 in the Among Us Logic fanon wiki, so Nathangamer1993 promoted Not Lime 2021 to thread-moderator but Nathangamer1993 didn't do too many things. But on June 28th 2021, Nathangamer1993 had given Dennythedog (who already had sysop) thread-moderator, then on July 6th 2021 Nathangamer had blocked VioletPlayzYT with the reason "User requested me to block you" and then he went inactive for a VERY long time... Then on August 2 2021, DrVoidMatter had messaged Nathangamer on the fanon wiki and he didn't know Nathangamer was WindowsME helper at the time and Nathangamer1993 responded with "I went on hiatus in June and I came back" but then Nathangamer1993 was revealed to be WindowsME helper and Nathangamer1993 was globally blocked too.


He started harassing Not Lime and got into a war with And Irish Person. He apologized but then he attacked again.


Here is the early days of the wiki btw. I created a lot more wikis before this one, buuuut most of them were just dead wikis or clone wikis. So when I found the AUL series, and that it doesn't have a wiki, I made one. But I originally thought that this wiki would just be an other dead wiki I made. So I left it and made an other wiki. But when I came back to this wiki, it suddenly got more, and MORE people in it, editing and discussing stuff. So when I saw the wikis sudden growth, I came back to it and started moderating more, and adding in the rules the wiki, and the rest it history.

Angrybirdsfan6, September 20, 2021[15]

Starla used to be a normal member of this wiki. She tended to break the rules a lot, but most of it went under the radar. She constantly made alt accounts even before she was banned. However, her rulebreaking was eventually brought to light, and she was banned. See this post for more information.
...Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg...I haven't even gotten started on some of the more known accounts and her banning admins...I've searched past posts a lot, which is why I know about a lot of the history...Also, Angrybirdsfan6 said that she broke more rules than anyone in the wiki.

CaptainFan123, September 20, 2021[16]

You know, it's been pretty busy times in these wiki times. And to think that just in September, Ngiganti almost got out of fandom and DrVoidMatter was banned, and File Katalin was kicked out of our wiki. This isn't a job for me, of course, but I can have relevant opinions in a way. You know, Ngiganti and DrVoidMatter vandalized the fanon wiki, I think they're getting a little closer to the vandals they made fun of, but I don't think it's fair that Void was banned as he regrets it and has never done anything really serious. As for Katalin, she was really childish.[17]

Haha, I remember like it was yesterday when the GameToons Gang (or rather, an unemployed person pretending to be them) attacked our wiki. At first I believed like a Duck, but as time went by I started to get skeptical.[18]

Hoy Bon!, September 25, 2021

Most of the conflicts or features that I know: The underaged Windows Helper, @LapisLazuliThePedalo destroys this wiki with multiple accounts, and also a fan of sXX and Mr. Cheese with Ms. Pink, Starla comes and vandalizes categories, Starla strikes again with multiple accounts and swearing, Windows Helper strikes again and swearing, the conflict between Pix96 from Paw Patrol wiki and PomPalm, Not Lime disabled his old account, Fortegreen was starting to inactive, Thresher exists and swears in Fanon wiki, Fandom Desktop made most of the users mad, the conflict between Soldier and Minty, and also myself, TheVoidMatter, PolyDev and Not Lime, Starla strikes again with VioletPlays, Not Lime returns with new account, the conflict of File Kate and Soldier, the conflict between Soldier and Minty comes again (...), Void got blocked globally, Windows Helper strikes and PomPalm got blocked once again, the conflict of Soldier and HumanTale, who was spamming Soldier's posts, Void returns to this wiki, the conflict between Paw Patrol and Among Us Logic wiki ends, the conflicts starts because of PomPalm got blocked, etc, and Windows Helper was making an apology, but admins declined it. Seriously, why Soldier got many conflicts!!!???

Absolute King 01, September 28, 2021[19]

Well known user joint dates:

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  9. By "with the reason __" I don't literally mean that was the actual reason whatever change happened, but I'm not saying it's not (not always). When promoting someone on their Special:UserRights page, you are given the option to give a reason, like literally almost with any change on wikis, but here you would click the "Save user groups" button below it. On the Special:Log of User rights log, it shows the history of, well, user rights or group membership changes and updates. And to the right or end of each log, it would say any reason or writing they put in (in italics).